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   Chapter 763 Gorden Made An Offer

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 10265

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Gorden stopped being mysterious. As he flipped his palm, a dark gray stone with the size of a human head appeared on his palm.

"Is this the Heaven Soul Stone?" All the warriors gasped with their eyes wide open as they stared at the stone.

'It's the Heaven Soul Stone!' Ricky exclaimed inwardly, feeling the immense excitement in his heart. He was more excited than all the other warriors as he glued his eyes on the Heaven Soul Stone. He was so ecstatic that his eyes almost transformed into Golden Spirit Eyes.

The moment the Heaven Soul Stone appeared, all of them could feel a strong breath of life. But the breath of life was different from the ordinary ones that they had normally encountered in the past. It was more profound and special. Its extraordinary nature indicated that the Heaven Soul Stone had obtained a thick and intricate layer of spiritual power.

All of a sudden, all the warriors within the area felt as though they had entered the Soul Tower. A massive soul sphere formed around them. The spiritual power inside was even stronger than the one that was on the fifth floor of the Soul Tower.

They could feel their spiritual power increasing at a constant rate.

"Here you go. This is the Heaven Soul Stone. I believe, with this Heaven Soul Stone, your casting realm and casting level will greatly be improved," Gorden told Ricky confidently as he passed the Heaven Soul Stone over to Ricky. A trace of reluctance flashed in his old eyes. He wouldn't admit it himself, but a small part of him was unwilling to pass it on to Ricky.

The Casting Center did not have many treasures that were as valuable as the Heaven Soul Stone. Thus, it was pretty understandable that Gorden would show some hesitation to entrust such a prized possession to someone else. However, he thought it would be worth it if it meant that he could hand such a powerful item over to an ace genius who was talented at both casting and martial arts. That alone was already a promising exchange and opportunity in itself.

Ricky did not refuse Gorden's wonderful offer. He directly accepted the Heaven Soul Stone and immediately put it into his zone.

Although he wanted to have a closer look at the Heaven Soul Stone, he was well aware that this was not a good place for him to do it, especially with everyone else's eyes watching intently.

"Thank you so much, sir!" Ricky couldn't help but express his gratitude a second time.

With the Heaven Soul Stone now in his possession, along with all the other powerful secret weapons he kept in his arsenal, Ricky no longer felt intimidated by the impending battle for the Sense of Realm.

"You don't need to thank me. You earned it with your own strength and that's why you deserve it," Gorden stated, matter-of-factly.

"Now, I'd like to ask you something. Would you like to join the Casting Center as a new and official member?" Gorden queried.

"What?" The rest of the warriors couldn't believe their ears. "Gorden is inviting Ricky to join the Casting Center?" They all tried to collect themselves immedia

m a spiritual emperor and casting master of Demi-saint Level. That way, no one will dare bully or find fault in you in the Eastern Land."

"Tina, you know what? It's not an easy job for me to be the sixth chief of the Casting Center with my current strength. I'm not that strong yet," Ricky said in a slightly helpless tone.

"I admit that it would not be an easy job. But, hey, think about it. It will scare off those spiritual emperors who want you dead, won't it? It would at least provide you with a bit of security," Tina reassured Ricky. "So, if you accept his offer and become the sixth chief of the Casting Center, you will gain more advantages than disadvantages."

"Tina, maybe you are right!" Ricky murmured, feeling a surge of encouragement fill him up, thanks to Tina's words.

Tina was right. If he became the sixth chief of the Casting Center, the spiritual emperors would be even more afraid of him. Despite the trouble he was bound to face, it would still be a win-win situation for him in the end.

As he thought about Gorden, Ricky really couldn't figure out what was going on in his mind. Gorden was well aware that his strength was not strong enough to be the sixth chief of the Casting Center. But why did he make such an offer?

Ricky raised his head to meet Gorden's gaze, "Sir, please don't take me for a fool. I may have some talent, but I am not blindly confident and I don't think I'm strong enough to be a chief of the Casting Center. At the moment, I can say that I am satisfied with just being welcomed as a new member. To tell you the truth, and I hope this doesn't offend you, I have never thought of becoming a chief or being placed in any other high position while I am in the Casting Center."

"Oh?" Gorden raised his eyebrows. He was surely not expecting Ricky's reply. "Do you really think that I'm playing some sort of a prank with you? For your information, I am a spiritual emperor," Gorden responded in a way that reminded Ricky just how powerful and sensible he was as a spiritual emperor.

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