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   Chapter 762 Gorden

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The part where Ricky unleashed his counterattack really went beyond the expectations of Sellers and Lynch.

"Humph!" Ricky huffed. "It seems they did not expect that I would fight back after I broke through. Or rather, they did not really believe or think that I would break through this time." Ricky talked with Tina, as he witnessed the frightened reaction on Lynch's face.

"That's the kind of mistake usually made by those in high positions," Tina replied frankly.

"Unfortunately for them, they don't really know me," Ricky sneered.

The entire scene that had just taken place woke Pearl up. At that time, she was still in seclusion. Waking up, she was met with her mixed feelings towards Ricky as different aspects of him had really penetrated through her.

Pearl couldn't help but ask herself in her heart, 'If I really had the chance to kill Ricky at this moment, would I really be able to make up my mind and kill him?'

After his speech, Ricky's attack had already made its way to the Soul Sea of Lynch. Of course, he would not kill Lynch immediately right then and there. Rather, he would definitely make it so that Lynch would be unable to exert his casting level to its full capacity. Even if Lynch could still cast a weapon at the intermediate stage of Spirit Level, it would be too weak and incapable that it would simply become the worst weapon he would ever cast.

'Damn it! This time, this guy's attack is even more powerful. There is no possibility that I can withstand it. Once I fail to withstand it, my spiritual power will be greatly damaged!' Lynch thought to himself with gritted teeth.

He was not a subordinate of Sellers. If he had to help Sellers get the Heaven Soul Stone by ruining his casting career, then he would definitely reject the opportunity. If he chose to run away, then he would receive a certain amount of torture in the future. Yet, if he considered the fate that met Meade in the end, then that would make running away his best choice at the moment.

"Retreat!" He yelled with full force. Without saying anything else after his order, Lynch tore up the space and left the casting square.

Leaving the premises of the casting square meant that he had completely quit the competition. It also meant that Ricky couldn't attack him again.

All the people in the casting square were naturally surprised and confused at the sight of Lynch's sudden retreat. No one ever expected that Lynch would have the guts to quit or leave in the midst of the casting competition.

Ricky had no choice but to deactivate his attack.

"Ricky, it seems that Lynch just made an agreement with Sellers. He is not Sellers' subordinate," Tina exposed after witnessing what had just occurred.

"He is smart. If he didn't choose to retreat, I wou

ut to his name respectfully.

Immediately, all the other warriors followed and greeted him politely as well.

After all, the old man who stood in front of them now was not only a casting master of Demi-sage Level. He was also a spiritual emperor who was qualified to become a casting master of Sage Level.

"Hmm!" Gorden rubbed his chin and nodded slightly, before turning his head to Ricky.

"Your name is Ricky Nan, isn't it? You have done a really good job. I have to admit that you have a good grasp of runes and casting weapons. I have a high opinion of you now. What's more, you have passed the Casting Path. I am the only one who knows the real difficulty that comes with passing the Casting Path." Gorden praised Ricky for his outstanding performance.

"You are quite delightful, sir. I appreciate your recognition, but I still have a lot to learn!" Ricky beamed and replied with deep appreciation and regard.

"Now that you've won first place, you deserve the corresponding reward. From now on, you can enter the Soul Tower to cultivate at any time that suits you best." Gorden couldn't help but appreciate Ricky even more after he couldn't find or see any trace of arrogance in him.

"Thank you so much!" Ricky nodded and expressed his heartfelt thanks.

"Of course, the Heaven Soul Stone now belongs to you. That's something even I myself have been wanting so much!" Gorden said a little reluctantly.

Based on Gorden's words and expression, it was clear that the Heaven Soul Stone was too precious a treasure.

As such, it was explainable that all eyes were now fixed on Gorden's hands. They all wanted to see what the Heaven Soul Stone looked like.

Even Ricky couldn't hide his excitement.

With the help of the Heaven Soul Stone, he could break through his current level and become an upper spiritual king more quickly.

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