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   Chapter 761 Making A Breakthrough And Fight Back

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Ricky hadn't been much aware of what was going on around him—he also couldn't care less if he was going to be honest about it. After beating Meade, he knew he had to clear his head and to get his focus back on casting.

Along with Meade's defeat, Ricky was positive that Lynch would no longer attempt against him.

Clang! Clang! Clang! All Ricky's attention was on casting. His casting realm was nearly getting to a state of perfection. It was evident how much it was increasing by the second as well as his casting skill.

"It seems he's improving his strength now. I wonder what he's going to pull off next. This is really extraordinary. He's probably the only one who can make a breakthrough under such a circumstance!" Warriors around couldn't help but notice as they felt Ricky's continuous growing.

"Damn it! What's this brat doing here? He's ruining everything!" Sellers hissed full of resentment as he watched the turn of events.

He had informed the Luxurious Emperor and his men that Ricky was in the Casting Center. Since there was no way they could make a move against Ricky in the open, not in the Casting Center at least, the Luxurious Emperor just decided not to show up at all.

Nevertheless, Sellers was still uneasy and eager to stop Ricky from messing with things further. Still, there was no way out. He had to control himself in order to avoid doing something stupid. Cameron and Harrison were definitely watching him, which undermined any chance of action. It was painful but Sellers could only bite his lip and swallow his annoyance.

"What should we do now, Sellers? I'm afraid your disciple has almost been crippled by this brat. I don't want to take the risk and throw any realm attacks against him," Lynch said to Sellers in secret.

"Of course we can't expect to take him down with realm attacks anymore. I hate to admit it but there is something in both his spiritual power and his casting realm that feels dangerous," Sellers replied coldly.

"Are you sure?" Lynch was shocked with the honesty he felt from Sellers's response. "It is said that the casting manual he holds is very extraordinary. Perhaps these aren't just rumors.

But I have to say that you really are a ruthless man, Sellers. You know Ricky is dangerous but you still allow your disciple to face him with the realm attacks. Don't you think this is sending your man to a suicide mission?"

By then, Lynch came to finally realize how merciless the man on his side could be.

"Meade is my disciples, and he will be my tool when I need him to be. A powerful man must be cold and ruthless. Don't you agree, Lynch?" Sellers sneered.


l the stingy taste of humiliation. He wasn't a doormat who would take a beat and not fight back when given the chance.

His counterattack was naturally aimed at Lynch, the strongest one.

Ricky knew he had to throw a strike instead of casting a weapon if he wanted to stand a chance. He had just made a breakthrough and wasn't as proficient as Lynch. Any weapon he casted would likely be inferior to his rival's.

He was determined to win this game once and for all. Now that the realm attack was allowed in the competition, he wouldn't pull his punches.

There was no time for hesitation. Ricky promptly gathered the energy of his casting realm along with the four runic powers and integrated them with the chromatic energy. As Lynch was still concentrated on his casting, Ricky's combined powers quickly turned into a forceful strike and went straight to the enemy.

"Ricky is attacking!" some warrior blurted after seeing Ricky in action.

"It looks like he's been holding a grudge. He's been attacked so many times that now he wants his opponents to have a taste of his fury."

"It seems this bright guy is well familiarized with his own weakness and has found a way to get around the issue," Cameron said with a grin. He was hyped up, too. The way he saw it, if Ricky was smart enough to admit his own shortcoming in this game, he had already won the battle.

'Damn it! How dare this brat attack me!' Lynch thought resentfully when met by Ricky's strike.

He, like all the others on his side, had always perceived themselves as the predators and the only ones strong enough to attack in a battle. Not for a moment did they consider getting hit first.

Sellers fidgeted. He could no longer sit back and watch how nasty things looked for them.

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