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   Chapter 759 Meade Began To Do Something

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Harrison said those words deliberately to anger Sellers. Sellers had stopped them from helping Ricky earlier when he said that ten warriors against one enemy was not against the rules. Now, Harrison and Cameron used the same excuse that it was not against the rules when Ricky hurt the ten warriors' souls. Being chiefs, they were aware that they shouldn't make fun of Sellers, but really, he deserved it.

Sellers was worried about Howell and the others. He needed their organizations' support, after all. However, that was not reason enough for Sellers to attack Ricky in front of the others. The real reason why he wanted to attack Ricky was that as a casting master of Demi-sage Level, he felt the strong spiritual power that Ricky channeled just now.

That powerful spiritual power made Sellers, a casting master of Demi-sage Level, feel scared. Although he was unwilling to believe it, Sellers could feel it clearly, so he was almost certain that Meade and Lynch were no match for Ricky.

Considering this, Sellers thought he had to do something. Otherwise, Ricky would win the Heaven Soul Stone, and that was the last thing he wanted to happen.

Sellers was looking forward to getting the Heaven Soul Stone because it would enable him to make further progress in his casting. It would also be extremely useful if he wanted to take control of the Casting Center.

This was why he took action decisively; he truly intended to hurt or even destroy Ricky. Of course, Sellers was not planning to kill Ricky. He would only stop him because he couldn't afford to provoke the Oriental College—the organization which Ricky belonged to.

But unfortunately, Cameron and Harrison were both demi-spiritual emperors, so it was a piece of cake for them to stop Sellers.

Sellers stopped when he realized he had no choice. He asked them coldly, "What do you think you are doing? Do you really want the Casting Center to accept such an evil disciple?"

"An evil disciple? Sellers, are you blind? I saw everything clearly. The ten guys launched attacks against Ricky first. Is that what righteous warriors do? Attacking and bullying a single warrior when there are ten of them?" Cameron asked in a cold voice.

The warriors gathered around them were surprised to hear the three chiefs as they squabbled. But then, they had heard about the discord that existed within the three. The sight only confirmed what they had been hearing about for a long time.

On the other hand, Ricky had not noticed their quarrel at all because Cameron had told him to concentrate on casting through their telepathic link. He also informed Ricky that he and Harrison would deal with Sellers to

t Ricky in shock when nothing happened.

"It seems that everything is under Ricky's control. We don't need to worry about what will happen next!" Cameron and Harrison whispered to each other, once again impressed by Ricky's talent.

"Meade, did you attack with your full power?" Lynch asked coldly.

"Humph! I'm not a fool and I know what I needed to do. Of course, I tried my best. If you don't believe it, you can try to attack him yourself," Meade replied, his voice unpleasant.

Lynch's face darkened. He didn't actually believe that Meade would show any mercy to Ricky. As a casting master at the intermediate stage of Spirit Level, Lynch also vaguely felt the powerful defense force in Ricky's Soul Sea.

"It seems that I can only stop him in terms of the casting realm," Lynch muttered.

"Meade, you will do this. You know what my real purpose is. I hope you won't go against your master's words at this time. Besides, you and I have different jobs and you are supposed to deal with Ricky, aren't you?"

"Humph! I'm well aware of that. You don't have to tell me what to do," Meade answered snidely.

Clang! Clang! Clang! The next moment, Meade also began to cast a weapon. The runic power was released and Meade's casting realm began to appear.

Meade's casting realm swept toward the direction in which Ricky was in.

"Hey, look. Meade is doing something. It seems that he wants to compete with Ricky in terms of the casting realm," a warrior gossiped loudly when the crowd saw Meade's move.

Some warriors were excited for the match-up. Both were undeniably powerful, and the winner of this match would no doubt be celebrated wildly. Although the others had not voiced it, all of them were excited to see the talent of both powerful casting masters.

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