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   Chapter 758 Ricky's Beautiful Counterattack

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8555

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"That's impossible. Although I really want to kill him, I have to admit that he is talented. Moreover, he successfully passed the Casting Path and reached the fifth floor of the Soul Tower. It indicates that his spiritual power and runic power are definitely not weak," Howell protested.

"Although the ten of us attacked him together, the attacks were not that ferocious. He wouldn't have been at a disadvantage from the attacks. I wonder if he is pretending to be weak," Howell uttered but mostly to himself as he analyzed their situation.

"Howell, as you said, there are ten of us. All of us are casting masters of Spirit Level. It is just reasonable if he is unable to resist our attacks. After all, he is yet to become a casting master at the intermediate stage of Spirit Level despite being an ace genius." Zach tried to persuade Howell with his logic.

"I'm not sure. Maybe you are right," Howell said slowly, still hesitant.

"Howell, don't worry too much. Next time, we will do our best to attack his soul," Zach comforted him with a chuckle. It amused him that Howell was acting so paranoid.

"You are right. We will do our best to attack his soul. We can defeat him even if we can't hurt his soul badly," Howell said coldly. He was looking forward to Ricky's crushing defeat.

The ten of them activated their strength and launched their strongest soul attacks. The attacks combined and then turned into a sharp and intangible blade before it dashed toward the deeper space in Ricky's Soul Sea.

When he felt that the attacks were growing stronger, Ricky automatically responded with just enough power to repel them. He thought to himself, 'It seems that they launched their most powerful attacks. They don't want to waste time.

Unfortunately for you, it will only get all of you killed faster.'

With this in mind, Ricky mobilized his Heaven Illuminating Fire and infused it into his attack. The Heaven Illuminating Fire was able to burn everything; that meant that it could burn spiritual power as well.

As he did this, Ricky tried to communicate with the mysterious axe in the depth of his Soul Sea.

Ricky had enough confidence but not enough power or strength to win against his enemies. The only secret weapon he relied on was that mysterious axe.

"Mysterious axe, you're the only one who can help me this time," Ricky whispered to the mysterious axe in his Soul Sea. He tried to connect with the energy emitted by the axe.

In the past, no matter how hard he had tried, the mysterious axe would not respond. It on

ts. Cameron and Harrison, on the other hand, were thrilled.

'How could this be?' Celia gasped inwardly and couldn't believe her eyes either. She was not stupid, so she immediately bit her lower lip to pretend that she spat blood and knelt down. Otherwise, her nine companions would suspect her.

"Oh? It seems that Celia can be cunning after all," Ricky murmured in a low voice when he saw Celia's reaction.

He turned away from them and focused on his next step. It was time for him to devote himself to the process of casting.

'With the help of the chromatic energy, I will definitely be able to cast a weapon at the intermediate stage of Spirit Level and become a casting master at the intermediate stage of Spirit Level, ' Ricky said to himself inwardly with confidence.

"Ricky, why did you hurt them? Do you know how shameful you are to hurt the soul of a casting master? I don't think you would bring honor to the Casting Center. We don't need a violent disciple like you," Sellers blamed Ricky with a gloomy look.

"I will destroy your casting skills because you are a shame to the world of casting. You brought nothing but disgrace to all the casting masters."

After he said that, Sellers stood up and was about to launch an attack against Ricky.

"Sellers, Ricky did not break any rules of the Casting Center, did he? If there is anyone who would bring shame to the casting masters, it's probably not him. Don't you think so?" Harrison said and stopped Sellers. There was no way Cameron and Harrison would leave Sellers to do whatever he wanted against Ricky.

Both Cameron and Harrison laughed after Harrison finished his words. In Sellers' eyes, they were laughing at him.

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