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   Chapter 757 Alliance

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"Oh, I didn't expect you to be afraid," Cameron taunted Ricky after he heard his question.

"Sir, I'm not afraid. But you know that I have already offended many spiritual-emperor forces. It would be unwise for me to be hated by one more spiritual emperor who is also a casting master of Demi-sage Level," Ricky uttered with a small shrug.

"Don't worry. Gorden has a good relationship with Sellers, but this doesn't mean he is allied with Sellers. He knows that you have passed his Casting Path. I think the reason he wants to hand over the Heaven Soul Stone to the first place in person is that he wants to see you," Cameron informed Ricky with a smile.

"In that case, I am relieved. I really can't afford to offend such a powerful man," Ricky said with a sigh of relief.

He knew when he should push back and when he should go with the flow. Even though he was backed by the Oriental College, they would still feel the pressure dealing with the Casting Center.

Moreover, Ricky knew that he had to be strong and he had to improve his own strength to be a truly fearless person.

"There is no time limit on the competition, but you only have one chance, so use it wisely. That's all I needed to say. You guys can start your casting now!" Sellers announced in an authoritative voice.

With this said, the three chiefs of the Casting Center sat back in midair with their legs crossed. They looked expectantly at the twenty people who started casting at the signal.

They started as one, all eager to win.

"Ricky, do you think you could do this?" Tina asked at this moment.

"Tina, this is my moment. After this, there will only be two outcomes: victory or failure! I can do this," Ricky said seriously.

It was true that Ricky had not yet become a casting master at the intermediate stage of Spirit Level, but he was very close to that. In the past three days, he had made more than a dozen castings in the Chaotic Fire Zone. He might not have succeeded but he learned a lot.

"Okay, I believe you! But please be careful. I can see evil intentions in Howell's and others' eyes. They may make trouble for you during the casting process," Tina warned him with concern in her eyes.

"Attacking is not allowed in this competition!" Ricky protested in surprise.

"Ricky, you need to be careful. During the competition, they may work together to launch spiritual attacks on y

ed with the runic power at the same time. There was no doubt that these ten attacks were from Howell and his fellows.

Among the ten attacks, Ricky felt three strong spiritual attacks. He guessed that they were from Howell, Zach, and Celia. And as Celia said, she did not truly attack Ricky.

'It's really generous of you to attack me together with the power of nine casting masters at the inferior stage of Spirit Level at the same time. But it's too naive of you to believe that you can defeat me with this, ' Ricky sneered inwardly. The lot of them were cowards, bound together by the knowledge that they could not defeat him by themselves.

Ricky gathered the power of the four zones and his runic power, and turned them into a shield to defend his Soul Sea.

He busied himself in defense but refused to attack.

"Ricky, you must be careful. If your soul got hurt before the competition comes to an end, you would never be able to cast a weapon at the intermediate stage of Spirit Level in the following casting process," Tina reminded him.

"Tina, even if I didn't want to fight back, there's nothing else I can do now. They are the ones who attacked me first. I'll just let them do what they want for a while," Ricky said.

With a secret smile, Ricky reduced the resistance of his runic power. He pretended to have difficulty as he resisted their attacks. A cold sweat came out on his forehead.

"It seems that his spiritual power is not as strong as we thought, Howell," Zach noted to Howell telepathically. He was grinning widely. He fully believed that they were winning.

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