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   Chapter 755 Lynch Qin

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All the disciples in the Soul Tower gathered the moment Harrison waved his hand to end the competition. The majority of them were beaten down as they failed to reach the fourth floor.

"The competition is over!" Harrison announced to the warriors standing around him. "Thirteen of you got into the fourth floor of the Soul Tower. As the competition ends, you'll be able to get a casting manual of the Casting Center."

Despite the overall dreadful atmosphere, the thirteen fit disciples were rejoiced by Harrison's words.

Among them were Kylie, Finley, Celia and Howell. Celia and Howell got their eyes viciously fixed on Ricky. They had never expected him to come out victorious against three middle spiritual kings and Celia.

Ricky shrugged and sneered in response. He'd never taken those people seriously or regarded them as worthwhile enemies. Even Meade was also just a minor obstacle for him to contend for the Heaven Soul Stone.

"As for the warriors who had reached the third floor, our Casting Center decided that you can become disciples of the guild, but not formal ones. Think about this as a chance. The choice is yours," Harrison announced again.

The announce got all the warriors down below gaping and amazed for a while. Not in a million years could they have thought to be granted such a chance. Even though they couldn't become formal disciples, it was still fortunate to join the Casting Center.

It was expendable getting free access to the advanced manuals, but being a member of the Casting Center could take the advantages of those manuals still available. The Casting Center's reputation went so far, even just some "unimportant" manuals were considered superior to those from the warriors' own clans and organizations.

After the first wave of shock, the news started to kick in. The warriors that got into the third floor grew even more excited by the second.

However, the setting wasn't all cheerful. Those who didn't reach beyond the second floor were left full of sorrow and regret, wondering why they hadn't put more effort to get into the third floor. Their thoughts walked bitterly through all the wasted opportunities they could've taken to reach the goal.

"As for the fifth floor, everyone, there are three people who made it." A curved and subtle smile popped at the corner of Harrison's mouth as h

l Stone. Moreover, I have a good relationship with Master Cameron too. Naturally I won't let Meade and Lynch get it either," Ricky firmly answered. He had already figured out what Harrison was concerned about through his words.

"Well, I appreciate your understanding," Harrison told him.

As soon as they were done, Ricky was about to leave as well. Time now was too precious as he was racing against it. He had three days ahead of him to enhance his abilities and get ready for what was next.

"Remember, you don't stand a chance on getting the Heaven Soul Stone this time, even if you are an ace genius," Meade said to Ricky before he could take off.

"You know, this is my territory. The dragon itself has to crawl here."

"Really? Well, let's see who will win casting competition, shall we? I am not going to give up on the Heaven Soul Stone, not to mention I will allow it to end up in your hands," Ricky responded coldly.

He hadn't bored to wait for a comeback. He left the second he was done talking. Nothing good would come out of discussing with Meade.

Inside the room, Ricky grabbed the soul-restoring pill and took it out. All of the sudden, a strong spiritual power spread out the room. It felt absolutely no less than the same spiritual power he previously witnessed on the fifth floor of the Soul Tower.

"This is indeed a soul-restoring pill. The spiritual power is so strong, Pearl. I suddenly start to feel a little sorry now," Ricky said.

"The pill is in your hand. Regret it or not, it's up to you," Pearl replied coolly.

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