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   Chapter 754 An Unknown Man Appeared

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The only reason Celia managed to reach the third floor was because she had used her runic power of vibration. Yet she was still not strong enough to beat Ricky. Before she could even break out the runic power, Ricky had already surpassed her.

He casually waved his hand, making the golden shield over Celia's body vanish. "Well, you can leave now. I won't tell anyone about what happened here as long as you don't mess with me again."

"Humph!" Celia snorted as she turned on her heels to leave. She couldn't bear the thought to waste another second around him.

If only she had known how strong Ricky was—so strong that he could beat her—she wouldn't have offered to fight against him when Howell and Zach discussed on how to deal with him. Celia was a proud woman with a reputation to uphold. She wouldn't dare to cause trouble for Ricky again. She feared he would get back at her the only way he knew of and she wasn't looking any forward to facing the damage of others finding out she leaked the Vibration Ruin Manual to him. Even as the princess of the Eastern Empire, the senior leaders wouldn't spare her so easily.

"Celia's so naive. I bet she only tried to face me because Howell incited her," Ricky sighed as he shook his head and watched the receding figure of Celia.

"You still threatened her even though you knew very well she's innocent," Tina gently stated.

Ricky let out a chuckle. "Sure I did. Or I wouldn't have obtained the Vibration Ruin Manual," he responded with a smug grin on his face.

Regaining his seriousness back, Ricky began to focus when a black light started to form. It was time to pass through the third floor of the Soul Tower.

An hour later, he successfully reached the fourth floor.

The soul attack on the fourth floor was ten times more powerful than the former. The set of pounding skills was also way more challenging than the one Ricky had faced on the third floor. Fortunately, the time limit now was longer—fourteen hours.

In the end, despite the hard work, Ricky spent eight hours to get through that floor. A little over half of the time he still had left.

'If it weren't for the power of my four zones, I'm afraid it would be harder for me to make it through the fourth floor. I believe it's almost impossible for Kylie to pass it though. But Meade? If he has really made a breakthrough and become a casting master at the intermediate stage of Spirit Level, he would have a high chance to pass the fourth floor judging from his talent, ' Ricky thought to himself.

'Anyway, Meade remains to be a powerful opponent in this competition.

floor. The first one was Meade, who was largely expected to get there. But what really caught Harrison's attention was the second warrior. He wasn't somebody he had ever laid his eyes on before.

The young man wore all black and an emotionless expression on his face as he carried himself through the fifth floor. Despite his handsome and intriguing look, he had a quite strange aura surrounding him.

"I've never seen this guy before and he has also made it to the fifth floor. Where on earth did he come from?" Harrison shook his head in confusion.

In the meantime, he was also excited to see another candidate. The more geniuses to show up, the better, and the happier he would be.

'It's pleasant to have another warrior reaching the fifth floor. But whether you will be worth my attention or not remains unknown. Show me what you're capable of and fight on the fifth floor!' Harrison said inwardly.

Curious, he fixed his eyes on the young man in black. He was looking forward to seeing if the new guy would be able to successfully resist the soul attack on the fifth floor.

Throughout most of the trial, the mysterious man struggled hard with the soul attack. When Harrison was about to give up on him, he bounced back and finally made it victoriously.

"It's just unbelievable that this young man is a casting master at the intermediate stage of Spirit Level just as Meade," Harrison exclaimed. He was a little surprised and over the moon by the realization of the man's strength.

"I've never anticipated that the Casting Center would have two casting geniuses through this current competition. That is what I'd call a fruitful result."

Four hours later, the competition in the Soul Tower was officially over.

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