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   Chapter 753 The Vibration Ruin Manual

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Buzz! After Ricky said that, thick massacring runes began to gush out of his body. And in an instant, they turned into a golden passage. Within only a few seconds, his second level of Ultimate Golden Body suddenly rushed out and was accompanied by the diffusing golden light. Surrounded by the shield of golden light, he rushed towards Celia.

"No way!" Celia exclaimed coldly as she saw Ricky's abrupt attack. She then condensed the crimson yellow runes on her body which looked like a yellow dragon. The next moment, the crimson yellow runes turned into the shape of a flower that tried to resist his powerful attack.

However, as the shield of the golden light gave everything it could offer, Celia's resistance grew weaker and weaker. She was completely suppressed by his shield of the golden light, she was at the end of her wits. As he noticed what was happening, Ricky then gradually called the second level of Ultimate Golden Body back to him.

"I didn't expect you to make a move yourself, Celia. And I'm surprised that you've already reached the third floor in such a short time. You must know very well about the soul attacks and pounding skills," Ricky said with a surprised look as he saw that it was Celia standing in front of him at that moment.

"Maybe you would have reached the fifth floor if you didn't come here. Unfortunately, you weren't supposed to come to this place, and it's a pity that you have underestimated me."

"Humph!" Celia snorted out of fury after hearing Ricky's words. Even she was under his control at this moment, she was not afraid at all. Deep in her heart, she knew well that he didn't dare to kill her here anyway.

"I have this feeling that you were not going to pass the entrance test of the Soul Tower from the very beginning. You just came here to stop me, didn't you?" Ricky asked. Based on what Celia had done and her attitude towards him at that moment, he knew things might not be as simple as they seemed.

"I care nothing about how you feel. Now that I'm beaten by you, you can do whatever you want. I have nothing to say anymore," Celia said coldly.

"I really can't do anything to you in here, but I have already told you that you must leave something," Ricky responded coldly as well.

"Here you go!" Hearing what Ricky said, Celia immediately took off the storage ring from her delicate finger and handed it to Ricky.

"Humph! I think you have misunderstood what I said. What I want from you is not only your storage ring

f ruin because he had the Ruin Holy Fire in his body. Either way, the runic power of vibration from this cultivation method was pretty strong as well.

Vibration power could be used to filter the impurities in materials in casting and make the weapons more refined. It would be surprising if the power could be integrated into battle.

The cultivation of the runic power of vibration was divided into three grades.

The first grade was the Physical Vibration. In battle, the runic power of vibration could only be used if the enemy had physical contact with your body. With its great power, it could break the bones of the enemy and even destroy their vitality entirely.

The second grade was the Space Vibration which meant that the runic power of vibration could be used as well as long as the enemy was within a certain distance from you. It could be transferred through space.

As for how far it could be transferred through the space, this depended on what grade the cultivator had reached together with their own talents.

The third grade was the Soul Vibration. Once the cultivator had practiced the runic power of vibration to a certain extent, he could directly attack the enemy's soul without any problem.

'Regardless of whether I could reach the grade of Soul Vibration or not, if I could integrate the runic power of vibration into my four runes after mastering the Space Vibration, my fighting power will certainly be significantly increased. Well, it seems that Celia really gave me a good opportunity to reach the higher levels in combat, ' Ricky thought excitedly after a complete understanding of the cultivation method in his mind.

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