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   Chapter 752 Celia

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How could he reach the fifth floor if he was unable to resist this spiritual attack easily on the first floor?

"It's time that I cultivate the set of pounding skills," Ricky said to himself.

Bang! However, before Ricky could do anything, he felt a powerful attack head towards him.

'This is an independent space. They can't find me if they don't search carefully. This must be the trouble that Finley has mentioned, ' Ricky thought to himself.

Bang! Without any hesitation, Ricky released the massacring power. He condensed his energy into three Scorching Golden Fists and stormed towards the attack. With an earsplitting explosion, Ricky and the three people were all forced back a few steps.

Ricky exerted less than seventy percent of his power.

He recognized their identity from their clothes. The three middle-aged men were wearing white robes, which were the uniforms of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce.

Ricky sensed that they were all middle spiritual kings. They were surrounded by runic power, from which he could tell that they were casting masters of Spirit Level. He defensively gathered and readied his spiritual power.

"Ha-ha! It seems that the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce is determined to kill me. Three casting masters of Spirit Level! And all of you are middle spiritual kings! I'm flattered!" Ricky taunted them as he was observing them warily.

"You are a genius with extraordinary talent. We can't be too careful," one of them said.

"I admit that you three are strong opponents. But unfortunately, you have underestimated me," Ricky said with a laugh. "Just you three are not strong enough to kill me."

"Maybe you are right. As you said, our power is not as strong as yours. However, we are not planning to kill you right now. We will just trap you here for two hours."

"Two hours? Don't be too confident about yourself." Ricky laughed out loud with disdain in his voice.

The eyes of the three men darkened when they heard Ricky's words. It seemed to them that Ricky was underestimating them.

After all, they were middle spiritual kings. They had als

he couldn't resist the two attacks at the same time so he activated the second level of Ultimate Golden Body to help him.

Bang! Bang! Immediately, the sound of metals clanking echoed in the space. The strength of the attack was close to a second-class upper spiritual king's. It wouldn't be able to break the defense of the second level of Ultimate Golden Body.

"How is this possible?" the attacker said in shock as she realized that her attack had no effect at all.

It was a pretty girl in a beautiful dress. It seemed that she was a little bit naughty.

If anyone else were here, they would have recognized that the girl was Celia, the famous casting genius of the Eastern Empire. It appeared that she had taken it upon herself to stop Ricky when the others failed miserably.

'I've heard that the Ultimate Golden Body of Ricky is very powerful. I believe it now. My strongest attack couldn't hurt the golden body at all. It seems that Ricky's power is far stronger than mine.

I'd better get out of here before he finds me out.' Thinking of this, Celia immediately tried to run away before Ricky could spot her.

But it was already too late. Ricky had managed to repel the soul attack and had time to fight back against her now.

"Hey, it is not fair to leave after a sneak attack. At least you should leave something behind!" Ricky said coldly.

Then, his golden body moved as well.

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