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   Chapter 751 Towards The Fifth Floor

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6147

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"It's very simple, Pearl. I don't need one-tenth of your dark water. I just need you to promise me that you won't leave me for half a step in the next twenty years," Ricky said with a wicked smile.

"Ha-ha!" Tina burst into laughter upon hearing Ricky's words.

"You asshole! Quit daydreaming!" Pearl refused coldly.

"Ha-ha, I won't give you the soul-restoring pill. I'll keep it for myself." Ricky laughed.

He knew that the pill was very important to her since she was willing to surrender one-tenth of her dark water.

Therefore, Ricky believed that Pearl would compromise. Maybe twenty years was too long?

Ricky would accept it if she refused in the end. He only made the request because he didn't want her to leave him, and he couldn't put her in his zone all the time.

Ricky looked at the fifth floor of the Soul Tower as he waited for Pearl to say something.

Just as Ricky expected, after a while, Pearl said telepathically, "Twenty years? That's impossible!"

"That sounds like a compromise. Just tell me what you want, as long as it's reasonable, I will agree. I don't bargain with women," Ricky responded using telepathy, an evil smile pulled at the corners of his mouth.

"Three years at most!" Pearl said coldly.

"That's way shorter than my offer!" Ricky replied indignantly. However, he changed his mind and accepted with a smile.

"It's a deal then. Keep that promise and I'll give you the soul-restoring pill."

Three years was enough for Ricky. If he couldn't win a woman's heart in three years, he would be ashamed.

Pearl immediately realized that she had been tricked by Ricky; he wasn't going for twenty years from the beginning. He just added more years so that Pearl would reveal her real thought.

"Ricky, you are such a jerk!" Pearl angrily shouted at Ricky.

"You brought it out o


He didn't care about the set of pounding skills. With the Chaos Manual, Ricky was confident that there was no pounding skills that could stop him. What he needed to prioritize was his resistance to the soul attack.

"I need to pass the first floor in only two hours?"

Boom! At this moment, Ricky felt the power suddenly surge in the space. It was, undoubtedly, the attack from the spiritual power, but he couldn't see it.

Ricky sat down immediately, prepared to use his soul to resist the soul attack.

Sitting cross-legged, Ricky employed the power of the four zones to resist the soul attack. He did not have time to waste here. After all, he only had two hours and there was nothing worth learning in this place. He could deal with it simply and quickly.

This time, the soul attack was a grey and dark rope, like a python. It crazily swept across Ricky's soul as it tried to unwind his soul and destroy it.

'A rope attack? It's better for me to fight back with the gale runes!' Ricky thought to himself.

He immediately summoned the gale runes in his Soul Sea and transformed them into a storm. Then he channeled his strongest power and withstood the attack. With this, he easily blocked the attack.

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