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   Chapter 750 Pearl Offered A Deal

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"I'm flattered, Finley. You know I won't refuse your offer. Actually, even if you didn't say it, I would have said it. You are Kylie's friend and that makes you a friend of mine too," Ricky said as he laughed cheerfully.

He had no idea what kind of person Finley was, but he could tell from Kylie's attitude towards him that Finley was a good man. So Ricky would be glad to be his friend. However, whether they would become good friends remained to be seen after they had grown closer over time.

Moreover, Finley was the personal disciple of Harrison, so he enjoyed a good reputation in the Casting Center. Ricky believed that he would avoid a lot of troubles if everyone knew that he was a friend of Finley.

"Ha-ha, that's great," Finley said as he laughed heartily, pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to befriend Ricky.

With a last warm hug, the three of them began to talk about the casting skills.

The longer they talked, the more that Finley began to admire Ricky. His knowledge about the art of casting was more advanced and profound than what his master had told him.

They talked happily for about half a day before Kylie and Finley left. After all, the competition was on the horizon, and all of them had to prepare for it. They didn't want to miss the Heaven Soul Stone.

Before they left, they also invited Ricky to live in the Casting Center until the competition ended.

Ricky politely refused their offer. He thought it was better for him to stay here before he became a member of the Casting Center. There was no one powerful here so he would not be distracted or sensed prematurely. It would also be more convenient for him to cultivate in the Chaotic Fire Zone.

Ricky spent the next entire month concentrating as he enhanced his casting skills.

The competition finally started a month later. The site for the competition was in the Soul Tower of the Casting Center.

The so-called Soul Tower was a high grade spiritual weapon. It would test the ability of their souls.

A strong spiritual power was needed for a casting master apart from talent because the details of the casting were all controlled by the soul. There were five floors in total in the Soul Tower.

There was already a sea of people around the Soul Tower. Some gathered around the competition site to watch the battle and some came here to attend the competition.

Among these people, the most eye-catching were naturally the eight guys—Meade, Finley, Kylie, Ricky, Jake from the Star Sect, Howell from the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce

g Level was almost equal to half a piece of Heaven Soul Stone for a casting master.

'The Casting Center is absolutely remarkable and generous, ' Ricky sighed, pleased that he decided to participate. 'But not everyone can make it to the fifth floor, I'm afraid. Even I myself can't guarantee that I can pass easily.'

Ricky looked up and focused his eyes on the fifth floor. His goal had always been the highest valued one.

"Ricky, if you can gain the soul-restoring pill, I'd like to make a deal with you. I'm willing to exchange for it with one-tenth of my dark water," Pearl suddenly proposed to Ricky through telepathy at that point in time.

"Oh? You want to have this soul-restoring pill?" Ricky asked, surprised to hear her proposal. After all, Pearl was not a casting master, so why would she be willing to exchange one-tenth of her dark water for the soul-restoring pill? It would not improve her ability anyway.

If she lost one-tenth of her dark water, she would surely become weaker than before. That was something a warrior wanted the least.

But since she requested that, she probably had a good reason. It was only natural that Ricky felt curious about her reason and wanted to probe deeper.

"You don't need to know the reason. Just tell me, do you accept the deal or not?" Pearl interrupted as if she read his thoughts, her voice cold.

"It seems that this soul-restoring pill is more important to you than one-tenth of the dark water," Ricky said with a smile. "Let me think. The dark water seems to be useless to me.

So, I'd like to get something else from you."

"What do you want?" Pearl asked suspiciously. She narrowed her eyes and looked at him doubtfully.

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