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   Chapter 749 Finley

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"What's going on?" some of the stunned warriors asked.

Ricky passing through the Casting Path in just half a day had left everybody numb and speechless with intense shock. It seemed that he made sure his audience wouldn't fall short of things to be astonished about when it came to his abilities.

"Is it possible that the last 50 meters had no restraining power at all?" "Is it just a test for the warrior's tenacity?" A few of the old spiritual kings questioned among themselves.

"Well done! Young man, you're the first one that has gotten through the entire Casting Path. I hate to admit it, but your casting talent and understanding on runes are even better than mine," Harrison praised.

He couldn't help but express how surprised he was because of Ricky's recent straight-A performance as an ace genius.

He knew clearly that when Gorden was designing the Casting Path, he set the bar of the tenth phase according to Todd's talent when he was young.

In that way, Ricky's casting talent had actually surpassed, or at the very least, evenly matched with Todd's. He was very likely to grow into another Todd if he continued to focus on being well-cultivated.

Harrison himself was unaware that he had already recognized Ricky as one of them.

"Master Harrison just praised him!" the warriors around the area exclaimed in disbelief. Before long, they had all finally agreed that the ace genius was worth the praise.

"Nah-uh, don't get confused, everybody! There is, indeed, restraining power in the last 50 meters. The reason why he could pass easily is because he has perfectly comprehended the runic power residing within it," Harrison explained to the other warriors who were still baffled by Ricky's quick and effortless advancement in the tenth stage.

"Well, that explains a lot." The rest of the warriors nodded after hearing the explanation. No longer astonished, their once envious eyes were now filled with overflowing respect for Ricky. They knew the great deal of talent it had to take to comprehend the runic power left by Gorden.

"What's your name, young man? You have to use your real name to sign up for the cha

om a noble family. He seemed to have a sense of refinery within him, though he did not appear to be as domineering as the other typically spoiled and entitled rich kids.

'Perhaps some of the other warriors might be able to recognize him, ' thought Ricky. And he was right. The guy, was indeed, of noble descent. He happened to be one of the three known geniuses in casting. He was Finley Zhuo, a disciple of Harrison.

"Is this where Ricky is staying?" Finley asked in a friendly voice.

"Why do you even have to ask? All the participants of the competition should be here." Kylie rolled her eyes impatiently at Finley.

"Uh-huh!" Finley grinned his teeth with an awkward and sheepish smile.

"Sorry I didn't have the time to see you! I should've visited you first," Ricky greeted as he waved. He was just informed of Kylie's visit by Tina.

"You didn't tell me you're here for the competition. I assume you didn't want to visit me, so I had to drop in and check on you just now." Kylie sounded like she was complaining.

"You must be the ace genius, Ricky. Am I right?" Finley's laughter echoed as they entered the room. "I'm Finley Zhuo, Harrison's disciple."

"Finley? That's you? I've heard a lot about you," Ricky replied politely.

"I heard what you did days ago on the Casting Path. I am really impressed. I think we should be friends, if you don't mind," Finley proposed, offering Ricky a manly handshake.

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