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   Chapter 748 Advance By Leaps And Bounds

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Ricky knelt down to keep his balance as a strong pressure overcame him. He grit his teeth as he struggled to stay upright. "It finally gets intriguing. This is exactly what I expected from the Casting Path."

The force at that moment certainly indicated the level of challenge Ricky was about to face.

If the tenth stage was as easy as the other nine stages, Ricky would have scorned the opportunity. He grinned as he looked forward to something more demanding. After all, the bigger the opportunity, the larger the difficulty to obtain it.

"Ricky! You must be careful! This is the suppressing power from the tenth stage. For each further step you take, the runic power will keep intensifying," Tina reminded Ricky, her voice worried and alarmed.

"Tina, don't worry. I assure you that this level of challenge will not overcome me," Ricky responded. He then stood upright in a proper stalling position. Instantly, the four kinds of runic powers surged and turned into a battle costume for him.

"The suppressing power of the tenth stage, show me what you are capable of!"

Ricky roared at the sky and took the first step. However, this little movement had immediately caused a solid attack from the runes to his soul Without hesitation, Ricky condensed the four kinds of runic powers and confronted this attack.

A loud noise thundered and clashed as the forces met.

Ricky was only at the entry level of the tenth stage, but the condensation of the four kinds of runic powers hung in balance with one single attack. He could now see for himself the marvelous suppressing power from runes at the tenth stage.

'The test designed by a warrior who is a spiritual emperor and a casting master of Demi-sage Level is indeed not easy to pass!' Ricky sighed inwardly. 'It seems like even if I use the power of my four zones, I can't pass through a hundred meters of this.

If that is the case, the only solution is to understand and dismantle those attacks from the runes.'

Thoughts passed rapidly in his brain as he took another step. This time, two runic attacks ravaged his body.

'Perhaps for each of the further steps I take, the number of attacks will increase once each time, ' Ricky thought to himself. Those two attacks felt much stronger than the previous one.

It became obvious to him that in the following steps, the strength of the attacks grew while the number of attacks increased at the same time.

The incremental force alone was not a huge challenge for Ricky. Nevertheless, he could never withstand this power in a cumulative amount.

Ricky activated the power of his four zones to stop these two attacks urgently. However, he didn't stop them completely. Inste

p with that idea.

The two did not know what was on the opportunity.

"Ricky might have taken a very slow pace, but it does not necessarily mean that he will keep this speed. Let's make a bet. I bet Ricky will pass the last fifty meters in no time," Harrison challenged the two elders confidently.

The two elders were surprised by Harrison's prediction. Even though they did not believe in his speculation, they did not want to accept his bet either.

Harrison laughed after the two elders rejected his bet on Ricky's chances of winning. They obviously knew that they were wrong.

Ricky used almost an entire day to pass through the first fifty meters. All the warriors were concerned if he could reach the destination with his slow pace. They thought that Ricky would fall at any point in time.

As if in challenge to all these speculations, Ricky suddenly accelerated. He only took two steps and passed through the last fifty meters. He finished the entire journey!

In the previous fifty meters, Ricky had painstakingly disassembled and gradually understood the attacks from the runes. Therefore, with all the knowledge he gathered, he was able to breeze through the last fifty meters.

At this moment, Ricky was thrilled by his achievement. Only he knew what a huge progress he had made. On this tenth stage, he was fortunate to receive this great opportunity. His casting skills truly advanced by leaps and bounds in this short period of time.

A stunned silence enveloped the field when the warriors saw Ricky's suddenly hastened progress and success. Logically speaking, the last fifty meters should be the hardest to pass through. How could Ricky move in such a quick pace? They all wanted to understand his rapid movement. What happened that he suddenly progressed so fast?

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