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   Chapter 747 On The Way

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The figure was Ricky. He had drawn all attentions from those who were present. Even Linda and Tony forgot they were fighting against the runic power as they shifted their attention to the black shadow.

"Who is he?" the warriors muttered to each other. They were all aghast.

High up in the sky, Harrison and two elders were both taken aback as well.

The comparison and huge difference was hard to deny and ignore for them. How could they forget that the three disciples of the Casting Center took longer time to pass the sixth and seventh stages than Ricky did?

'How is that even possible?' Harrison thought in disbelief.

"How is that possible? How could he have passed the seventh stage and reached the eighth in no time?" It was difficult for the witnesses to overcome their huge disbelief.

It didn't help that Ricky directly jumped through the hundred-meter distance of the seventh stage and reached the eighth.

The intense shock was immediately followed by a profound silence. Everyone stared at the black shadow, as if they were dreaming.

The deadly silence didn't last long as Ricky opened his mouth and lazily said, "It seems that the Casting Path isn't much of a difficult or challenging place to get on. I simply took one step and now I'm at the eighth stage."

Ricky's comment snapped everybody out of their reverie.

"What was that? He made the eighth stage sound extremely easy!" All the other warriors were not really happy about Ricky's words. They were infuriated.

"Where did this guy come from?"

Several of them were still struggling to reach the fifth stage. The sixth and seventh stages were as unreachable as the sky and they could only dare to think about it.

And yet, here comes Ricky, a guy fairly unknown to them, who reached the eighth stage so effortlessly. It was a stage that only casting geniuses would be able to reach. They had witnessed it with their naked eyes.

Even the three geniuses of the Casting Center made tremendous efforts to get to the eighth stage. Though Meade had already reached the ninth stage, he also found it extremely difficult to be where he was, back when he was still at the eighth stage.

It was all too different for Ricky. He had not even broken a single sweat as he accelerated to the eighth stage.

The warriors present envied him. Linda and Tony were completely forgotten. The two

imself here."

Harrison then shot a glance at Ricky expectantly and curiously.

As he was at the last few steps of the ninth stage, Ricky activated the gale runes. Now surrounded by the four runes, Ricky made it to the tenth stage unscathed.

When Ricky stepped onto the tenth stage and revealed his four runes, the warriors around him were neither surprised nor caught off guard.

For one thing, they were already getting used to it. At the same time, they had also guessed his true identity. Over time, the four runes had already become a signature of Ricky.

However, Ricky didn't care about it at all. The only thing he had in mind was to get past the last hundred meters and seize the very opportunity he had been setting his eyes on since the moment he stepped foot at that place.

He had to admit though that he had underestimated the tenth stage. As he set foot on the final stage, he instantly felt pressure that was so intense, he got down on one knee.

All the other warriors wouldn't believe it at first, but there were clearly beads of sweat that had formed on Ricky's forehead.

"Harrison, it seems that though he has the power of four runes, he has now started to feel pressure," Gorden remarked calmly as he eagerly observed and anticipated how Ricky would traverse through the final stage of the test.

"If it had been that easy to pass the tenth stage, then it will not be deemed as an opportunity for the spiritual emperors and the casting masters of Demi-sage Level in the first place," Harrison noted. "Let's see whether he can pass it or not."

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