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   Chapter 746 The Initial Selection Began

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Word was widely spread about the runic power that belonged to Gorden. Years ago he left it on the Casting Path. And the pressure brought by the runic power would increase as one walked ahead along the path.

Rumor had it Gorden would grant an opportunity if the candidates could successfully pass the last stage.

Unfortunately, no one was able to reach that far yet and prove the tale to be true.

Not even the three geniuses from the Casting Center were lucky. They all had tried to walk through the whole Casting Path and failed. Kylie and Finley had managed to reach the eighth stage while Meade had gone further and got himself into the ninth. That was the utmost point anybody had proceeded. To this day, no living soul achieved the tenth and last stage.

People were starting to doubt that it was even impossible to walk through the Casting Path, since the three geniuses couldn't make it. Except for Gorden himself and Todd, what the opportunity was about still remained a whole mystery to everyone else.

Gorden designed the trial to be divided in two parts. The first five stages were supposed to test the candidates by their casting skills while the remaining five filtered the warriors by their casting talent and their comprehension to the runic power.

It wasn't worthwhile to go through the Casting Path anytime soon when a warrior didn't succeed in all stages. He wouldn't make it unless his comprehension to the runic power increased considerably. If it wasn't the case, the result would come unaltered.

In the past few years, the three geniuses of the Casting Center and those from the spiritual-emperor forces had tried to cross the Casting Path several times. Yet the results of their attempts saw no progress. As soon as they had reached a certain stage, they got stuck on it, according to Gorden.

This had been noted as a clear indicator that it wasn't an easy task for a creature to improve his talent.

'What is this opportunity on the Casting Path? Would it be worth it for me to attend the trial?' Ricky pondered.

It was no secret he was an arrogant warrior. He wasn't worried whether he would make it or not on the Casting Path. Instead, his thoughts were gravitating towards how much the opportunity was preceding and powerful enough to tempt him. Was he being too confident? Or was he just talking nonsense? No one was sure.

Meanwhile, lots of people had gathered along the two sides of the Casting Path. Some of them were disciples of the Casting Center, although they weren't present to compete. Their job was to keep the order in case of anything unexpected.

"Hey, guys. Do you think there will be anyone reaching the seventh stage?" somebody in the crowd chattered.

"I'd bet on Linda Yue from the Moon Pavilion Sect and Tony Wei from the Wei Clan to make it. They are probably the most talented geniuses from force

e identity sooner or later. I believe the opportunity left by a warrior who is a spiritual emperor and a casting master of Demi-sage Level is going to be a powerful one."

He laughed out loud. "Now you've convinced me. I will take the suggestion," Ricky said before giving away a smirk.

"Humph! Are you really that confident about yourself? It's still unknown whether you would reach the last stage or not, but you've already started to weigh the value of the opportunity. Do you really deem yourself to be a casting genius?" Pearl, on the other hand, cut off in a disdainful tone.

"I'm not sure if you just said those words to goad me or tease me, Pearl. But anyway, I don't care. Just wide open your eyes and watch carefully. I will prove that I'm a talented casting master as well very soon," Ricky responded without a care about Pearl's attitude.

Done talking, Ricky sped up and launched himself on the fourth stage of the Casting Path.

By that time, Linda Yue and Tony Wei had already reached the last few meters on the sixth stage and were still leading.

Only a few casting masters of Spirit Level with extreme talent could reach the last few meters of the sixth stage. Passing this point in the competition, Linda Yue and Tony Wei revealed their potential in weapon casting.

However, they knew the struggle it was for them to reach that far. Both of them worked very hard to keep themselves on track and from falling behind.

"It seems quite difficult for them to reach the seventh stage. Hopefully they will be persistent enough to make it," a relatively older and wiser spiritual king said as he watched them.

"You are right. Perseverance might ignite their talents to the limit," another spiritual king echoed in agreement.

While everyone fixed their eyes on Linda Yue and Tony Wei, a black shadow flashed in front of them and unexpectedly reached the seventh stage at once.

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