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   Chapter 745 Casting Path

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Along the way, Ricky, Tina and Pearl cultivated their energy as well.

After a long journey, they finally arrived at the realm where the Casting Center was.

When they were about to reach this realm, Tina and Pearl promptly returned to the Massacring Zone. Tina was extremely beautiful and graceful. They could get into unnecessary trouble if she was seen by others.

Pearl could not appear in public either, because every innate spiritual king in the Eastern Land knew her and she would be instantly recognized as soon as she was spotted.

This realm was well known for weapon casting. The warriors here loved weapon casting far more than martial arts.

Almost all the dealings in every city here were about weapon casting. They dealt with casting materials, casting technologies and casting products.

In some of the cities, Ricky also checked out the casting materials he would need. That was because he had found that the Iron Destroyer seemed to fit him poorly, now that his strength had reached an upper spiritual king's.

'It seems that I really have been left behind in terms of weapon casting. Now that I'm going to take part in the casting competition, I must become a casting master at the intermediate stage of Spirit Level first. Otherwise, I would not be able to enhance my Iron Destroyer that matches my level, ' Ricky thought to himself. He was disappointed in himself that he let his casting be this weak compared to his strength.

While collecting casting materials, Ricky began inquiring about the top casting geniuses in this realm.

After his investigation, he obtained information on three outstanding disciples of the Casting Center.

These were Meade Han, the disciple of Sellers, the third chief of the Casting Center, Finley Zhuo, the disciple of Harrison, the fifth chief of the Casting Center, and finally Kylie, the disciple of Cameron, the fourth chief of the Casting Center.

The first chief, Todd, and the second chief, Gorden, of the Casting Center did not have any disciple. Perhaps, their standards were so high so they didn't have the desire to teach any of the geniuses in the whole Eastern Land.

After all, the two of them were not only casting masters of Demi-sage Level, but also warriors of Emperor Level. They were very likely to become casting masters of Sage Level. Maybe this could explain why they disdained ordinary geniuses.

The three people Ricky noted were the best young casting masters in the Eastern Land. They were all casting masters at the inferior stage of Spirit Level.

Many days had passed, so

gain, he realized that cultivating casting would not impact his martial arts. On the contrary, cultivating casting helped with his martial arts.

That was how amazing the Supreme Skills in the Chaos Manual were.

'In future, I must cultivate martial arts and casting at the same time. Only in this way can I further discover the Supreme Skills inside the Chaos Manual, ' Ricky thought to himself.

He only went out of the guesthouse when the primary election of the contest of the Casting Center started.

He knew this because he had requested a staff member from the guesthouse to inform him of any important news about the casting contest.

The primary election took place at the Casting Path.

The primary election applied to casting geniuses from forces under the level of a spiritual-emperor force. Disciples from spiritual-emperor forces didn't need to take part in the primary election. Instead, they could directly attend the formal contest.

It sounded unfair at first glance but that was a benefit awarded only to the strong. This was how the world of martial arts worked, where the law of the jungle prevailed.

If somebody wanted to complain about that, he had better cultivate his energy first. Only when he had considerable strength would the people listen to him, and only then could he make his own rules.

The Casting Path was located at the west side of the Casting Center. There was a black stone path with a length of about one thousand meters. This was called the Casting Path.

The Casting Path was divided into ten sections. Each section was one hundred meters long.

The warriors in the primary election would pass once they surpassed the first five sections of this path.

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