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   Chapter 744 The Casting Center

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"Scar, do you have any idea where I can go to improve my strength?" Ricky asked Scar hopefully. He strongly believed that Scar would know something favorable for him.

"Well, I'm not quite sure actually. Before the battle for the Sense of Realm, the Casting Center will hold a casting competition in the Eastern Land. I think that would probably be a good opportunity for you," Scar replied thoughtfully.

"The Casting Center? What is it?" Ricky asked curiously because he had never heard about the place before now.

"The Casting Center is an alignment of all the Casting Guilds in the whole Eastern Land. It is no exaggeration to say that the Casting Center is one of the most powerful forces in the Eastern Land. All the five chiefs of the Casting Center are casting masters of Demi-sage Level," Scar explained patiently.

"Cameron from the Oriental College is the fourth chief of it."

"Oh? I didn't know that he had another identity!" Ricky exclaimed. He should have known there was something more to that guy.

"The main reason why the Casting Center stands out among all the forces is that the first and second chiefs of the Casting Center are also spiritual emperors," Scar added.

"That makes sense. Only when one combines his power and casting skills can he be strong enough to bring honor to his organization," Ricky commented. "But truth be told, although I want to enhance my casting ability, I prefer to improve my strength for the time being."

"I have to tell you Ricky, you've got it all completely wrong," Scar interrupted, alarmed when he heard that Ricky was not interested in casting now.

"Those who will participate in the casting competition are all talented casting masters of their respective organizations. They are more powerful than any talent you have ever met. Why is that? That is because they practice utilizing runes and improve their strengths at the same time. You would make great progress if you have the chance to fight against them. Do you understand what I mean?" Scar scrutinized Ricky for a second before he continued, "What's more, I heard that the reward of the casting competition is exceptional. If you can get it, it will not be difficult for you to break through and become an upper spiritual king."

"Oh? Really? What is the reward? I'm starting to grow interested in it," Ricky asked.

"The rewards change each time. However, there is one thing that never changes. It's the Heaven Soul Stone!" Scar said as his eyes glinted involuntarily. There was a hint of desire in his eyes as he announced the prize.

"The Heaven Soul Stone? What is that? What is its effect?" Ricky asked, still clueless although he noticed that Scar seemed to value the prize highly.

"The Heaven Soul Stone is a Treasure fr

he intermediate stage," Scar said as he laughed delightedly.

"Ha-ha. I'll just consider that a praise. Otherwise, you would not have treated me with sincerity." Ricky smiled when he saw how pleased Soar was.

Later, Scar told the members of the Misty South Palace to enter the Mind Palace Model before he carried it and headed for the Saber Hall.

As for Ricky, he set off for the Casting Center.

This time, he did not ask Soar or Henry to accompany with him. It would only be a waste of time for them anyway. So Ricky thought it would be better for them to search for opportunities elsewhere.

He was not alone, though. Tina and Pearl went with him.

They also agreed that they would meet when the battle for the Sense of Realm was about to start.

As he started his journey, Ricky put on a mask so he could avoid unwanted attention before he reached the Casting Center. That would save him a lot of time because he knew he would waste precious time dealing with unexpected troubles brought on by his face and reputation.

He released Tina and Pearl from the Chaotic Fire Zone.

During the trip, Ricky did not waste his time and practiced the Shadowy Emperor Replication and Massacring Holy Attack along the way.

He wanted to improve his strength and become a first-class middle spiritual king.

Along the way, a bold idea sprang into his mind as he practiced the Shadowy Emperor Replication. Now that the shadow could create a duplication, could he also make duplications of his peculiar fire and sacred fire?

It would be amazing if that was possible. The peculiar fire and sacred fire were extremely powerful fires after all.

Presumably, other creatures would not be able to do that, but Ricky was different. He owned four zones and he was confident that he could make it.

Determined, Ricky began to try anyway.

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