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   Chapter 743 Scar's Determination

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7648

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"Any plan?" the chief of the Sky Manor repeated. That was not what she expected Ricky to ask.

She was the only one left of the Sky Manor. She was an innate spiritual king. With Ricky's help, she would be able to rebuild the Sky Manor in the Realm of Wildness.

However, power did not attract her at all and the object she had been guarding was now in its rightful place. She didn't quite care whether the Sky Manor could be rebuilt.

"Ricky, you have the Misty South Palace, right? I want to join the Misty South Palace. And then, we'll decide what to do later," she answered after some thought. She really should have thought more about this since it concerned her future, but she couldn't think right at that moment.

"Chief, you are joining the Misty South Palace? You are absolutely welcomed there. But what about the Sky Manor?" Ricky asked in surprise when he heard what she said.

"That thing we were guarding is now in its rightful place. I don't think there is still a meaning for the existence of the Sky Manor. And you know I am not interested in power. If there is anyone in our generation besides Kristen and me, I would not take the position as the chief of the Sky Manor."

Ricky marveled at her words. "If so, the Misty South Palace will welcome you. But I assure you, if you want to rebuild the Sky Manor, I will help you with all I have."

"I'll thank you in advance." The chief of the Sky Manor smiled warmly at Ricky.

"And you don't have to call me chief anymore. My name is Karen Tang, and you can call me Karen."

"Okay, Karen." Ricky smiled.

After their conversation, Karen Tang went ahead and packed all the important things she would need and headed towards the Misty South Palace with Ricky.

She did not bring much—besides those memorial tablets of her ancestors, there was nothing important left.

… The lord of the Imperial Palace of Wildness and the chief of the Casting Guild kept what happened inside the Sky Manor a secret. Therefore, everyone else inside the Realm of Wildness was confused when the Celestial Army suddenly disappeared.

Confusion easily gave way to excitement and relief. After all, when the Celestial Army was still in the picture, they all felt tense like a huge beast was breathing down their necks. But now th

not a master. Please call me Ricky, all of you are like brothers to me." Ricky smiled.

"Okay, I will just call you Ricky," Scar agreed without hesitation. He knew Ricky wouldn't pretend to be modest.

"So, I need you to take them back to the Saber Hall. I have already made my appearance here. Those forces including Luxurious Chamber of Commerce will find out in no time," Ricky said.

"So what are you planning to do?" Scar asked.

"The fight over the Sense of Realm is about to come. Before that, I have to reach the level of an upper spiritual king. Therefore, I will need to find my opportunity." Ricky wondered what he would do to hasten his training. He had no doubt that he would succeed but he needed to plan so his efforts would not be wasted.

"Scar, after you are done with the preparations for Misty South Palace, you should start cultivation as soon as possible. The Sense of Realm is also an opportunity for you."

"I know. Take care of yourself. As long as you are not attacked by a spiritual emperor, I believe you can always escape," Scar warned Ricky. He knew Ricky had a zone and could take care of himself, but he was still concerned.

"I'll be careful. Well then, let us go our own ways now. See you at the fight over the Sense of Realm. Please take care of those in the Misty South Palace," Ricky reminded Scar, though he had no doubts that Scar would keep his word.

"You don't have to worry. None of them will get hurt as long as I'm still alive," Scar reassured him confidently.

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