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   Chapter 742 The Fragment Of Axe

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The innate spiritual kings were born with extraordinary vitality. The loss of one or two drops of blood essence meant nothing to them. It didn't affect them even a bit and caused them no inconvenience.


Something buzzed as the blood essence from Ricky and the chief of the Sky Manor merged. Two clouds of pale fog rose, one significantly larger than the other.

Ricky was shrouded by the larger cloud while the smaller one rose around the chief.

Ricky was already aware of the pale fog, which appeared whenever the fortune coalesced.

"Chief, I can't believe your blood essence is so spectacular," Ricky exclaimed at the marvelous sight of the coagulation of fortune from their blood essence.

"But we can only manage it within this space. Outside this space, I am afraid my blood essence is no better than an ordinary one. But for you, the fortune from your drop of blood essence is comparable to that from half of all my blood essence,"

said the chief, her eyes wide open with astonishment.

"It seems that last time you almost gained all the fortune in the Realm of Wildness from the land of fortune."

"Come on, Chief. You're now exaggerating," Ricky smiled humbly.

Then, they both stared at the colossus. Their merged blood essence and fortune were gradually being absorbed into the colossus.

"Chief, is there any chance that you know about the colossus?" Ricky asked.

For some inexplicable reason, HE had a faint intuition that he shared a weak blood relation with the colossus. Perhaps, there was even something between the colossus and the mysterious axe in his Soul Sea.

"I have no clue," the chief answered.

Boom! At that very moment, an overwhelming stream of energy surged out. After absorbing their blood essence, the colossus unleashed an invisible power—the restrictive power!

The restrictive power was no longer restricted. Ricky now sensed even stronger chaos from the mysterious axe in the Soul Sea.

"The restrictive power is unleashed. Now come

This dark iron is a piece from a rather potent weapon. Perhaps its power could surpass all the sacred weapons in the universe."

"How could it surpass even the sacred weapons?" the chief replied suspiciously. It was apparent that she was completely shocked.

But soon she calmed down. It wouldn't be that surprising some weapon that the chief of the Sky Dome paid highly attention to could surpass the sacred weapons.

"It's only a fragment and won't make any difference until all the remaining fragments are collected," Ricky said. "I think the other seven forces have respectively guarded one fragment each."

"I couldn't agree with you more," the chief nodded in agreement.

"But you won't find out their whereabouts from me. I don't know it either. After breaking up from the original Sky Dome, we have moved away and settled on where we believed it would be safe. Since then, we had no contact with each other."

"Ah, I see. Chief, do you happen to know their names?" Ricky asked hopefully.

"I've no idea. But I figure their names should derive from the Sky Dome in a way, like ours," the chief responded.

"I have got to be cautious from now on," Ricky nodded, deep in thought.

After some more conversations, they exited the realm and returned to the Sky Manor.

"Chief, have you got any plan?" Ricky asked.

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