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   Chapter 741 Keeping The Oath

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Only Ricky and his fellows remained at the spot. They all wore confused expressions on their faces, unable to understand what had just happened.

Gentry had warned them they could not move the iron core at the heart of the colossus. Ricky didn't take his warning as a trick intended to frighten them. Otherwise, Gentry wouldn't have left so easily.

Rick had figured out how much Gentry craved the iron core. This was clear by the look in his eyes.

However, the mysterious axe deep in Ricky's Soul Sea was still shaking. The mere fact told him that he had to get the iron core himself.

'Perhaps nobody but the chief of the Sky Manor knows something about this, ' Ricky thought to himself.

"Thank you for helping us, Ricky. In case you need our help in the future, please don't hesitate to let us know," the lord of the Imperial Palace of Wildness and the chief of the Casting Guild told him.

"Now excuse us for leaving. And please set your heart at ease. We assure you nobody will ever know about anything that had happened here."

Both men had lingered on the verge of death for several times recently. Everything they had witnessed seemed too incredible to ingest all at once. As for now, their major desire was to walk out of that place as soon as they could.

It was quite possible they wouldn't tell a living soul about what had happened even if they hadn't made the Martial Arts Oath. They wouldn't dare to provoke Connor or Gentry, and certainly not Ricky either.

"That would be great! I really appreciate it from both of you." Ricky nodded before being left to watch the two men's departure.

"The Celestial Army, Connor, Gentry...Where do they come from? And what is this iron core? Do you believe that we really can't move it?" Soar asked in confusion after the lord of the Imperial Palace of Wildness and the chief of the Casting Guild left.

Still babbling with his inquiries, Soar stretched his hand in an attempt to pick up the iron core at the heart of the colossus.

"Don't touch it, Soar. According to Gentry, there may be a powerful taboo on it that we can't get rid of. Besides, this should belong to the Sky Manor." Ricky raised his voice and Soar froze.

"Let's just forget everything that happened here until we get strong enough."

"Okay, then." Soar lifted both his hands frightened.

As they agreed not to do anything about the iron for the time being, they also left the space.

Afterwards, Ricky told Scar, Soa

oon as she came back to her senses. "If you are not the destined one, you will be shocked by the taboo on the black iron to death."

"I wouldn't have suggested it if I wasn't sure of it," Ricky argued with an unshakable determination in his voice.

The chief of the Sky Manor fell silent by his conviction. However, her face remained blank as she considered his plea.

A few moments later, she replied, "Fine. Since you're so determined, I won't try to stop you. I can only hope you're right in being so confident in yourself."

"Thank you!" Ricky said earnestly.

The chief of the Sky Manor nodded and requested Ricky to follow her up to the space. When they got there, they both stood still in front of the colossus.

"Chief, Connor said that the fortune of spiritual kings in the Realm of Wildness is needed. What can be done about that?" Ricky inquired. "That was the reason he wanted to kill us."

"Yes, the fortune is needed. But it is unnecessary to kill spiritual kings because of that," the chief of the Sky Manor clarified.

"What do you mean? What can I do?"

"Only a drop of your blood essence is needed, because it already contains your fortune. Then, when your fortune merges with my blood essence, the fortune can show up," the chief of the Sky Manor told him.

"I see. But what about other spiritual kings?"

"You're a genius in the Realm of Wildness. Your fortune is enough," she firmly stated.

Without any further question in the way, Ricky and the chief of the Sky Manor positioned themselves and respectively collected a drop of their blood essence from between their eyebrows as they got started.

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