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   Chapter 740 Gentry Jiang

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"Ha-ha, finally! It was not easy to find this place, one of the rallying points of the Sky Dome. I can't believe it!" A clear and cheerful voice cut through the area. Heads tuned towards the person who spoke, curious and amused by the upbeat energy.

A figure stood confidently with a folding fan in his hand.

His face had a harmless look on it, as if he was there for an innocent purpose. However, similar to that time with Connor from the Celestial Army, Ricky felt that there was also something mysterious in the young man in front of him. In addition, Ricky had a strong feeling that the cultivation achievement that this young man had could be far beyond his imagination.

Nevertheless, there were still differences between the young man and Connor. Ricky could sense that the aura of the young man was mysterious but somehow pure. In contrast, the aura from Connor, the leader of the Celestial Army, was somehow evil.

'Why did this young man appear suddenly? Is he one of the Celestial Army as well?' Ricky wondered discretely. So far, he was really confused about what had happened. He was still trying to process what happened earlier, but now this young man came and threw him off even worse.

However, he was sure about one thing—Connor and the young man who had just showed up were both aiming for the huge iron core at the heart of the colossus.

'If I'm right—that the huge iron core at the heart of the colossus is really part of the mysterious axe deep in the Soul Sea—they might have something to do with me, ' Ricky mused.

"Ha-ha, Connor, here you are! And you've stated that you're the leader of the Celestial Army. I can't believe you really did that!" As the young man spoke, he fixed his eyes on Connor with a sardonic look on his face.

Connor could hardly contain his anger when he noticed that he was being made fun of. Fury burned in his eyes and he fixed the young man with a death glare.

"Gentry, how and why have you come here?" Connor asked in a cold tone. He looked unimpressed by the newcomer's relaxed appearance.

"Well, didn't you know the answer already? I came here using the same way you did. Wait, did you think your actions can be concealed from us? How naive of you!" Gentry Jiang, the young man in white, sneered condescendingly at Connor.

"Fortunately, I was not late. Otherwise, things would have become really troublesome once you have gotten what you wanted,"

Then, he turned and looked at Ricky with a smile on his face. "Hey, thank you for stopping this devil man. You have no idea how big of a help you were to me."

"You don't have to say that. As a matter of fact, it is you that have saved our lives. Thanks for showing up in time. Otherwise, we would have died. Besides, I was helping my friends as well. My friends are still under his control right now."

As Ricky spoke, concern filled his heart. When he threw Luke and Ty

at tone, distaste apparent on his face.

Ricky and the others were surprised at the series of events. They wanted to know the reason why Connor left suddenly. However, they did not know what to ask first, as things had happened so quickly.

Before the others could state their queries, Gentry Jiang said, "Please make a Martial Arts Oath here right now. You are not allowed to say a word about what had just happened here. And you should all pretend as if you have seen nothing here today. Otherwise, I could simply kill you, to keep all these as a secret."

After Gentry Jiang's speech, Ricky and others could only make a Martial Arts Oath obediently. Somehow, they strongly believed that he would do as he had said. He was definitely capable of killing them all if he wanted to.

"Thanks for doing what I told you, guys. Now that things here are all settled, it's time for me to leave," Gentry Jiang said in a calm tone as he nodded his approval for what Ricky and others had done.

"Wait, are you not going to take the iron core at the heart of the colossus?" Ricky asked at this moment.

"Ha-ha, good question. Well, I do want to have it but sadly, it does not belong to me. Besides, it will be safer for it to stay there rather than with me. I suggest that you to stay away from iron core. Otherwise, I'm afraid that you would end up dead, courtesy of me," Gentry Jiang replied with a disarming smile on his face.

"By the way, can you tell me your name please?"

"Sir, my name is Ricky Nan!"

"Ricky, I have no idea how this occurred to me. But I have a strong feeling that we will meet each other again in the future. Please remember my name, Gentry Jiang," he said with a serious look on his face.

After he said all this, he lowered his cultivation level and became a second-class completed spiritual king. He left just as how Connor did moments ago—he crushed something in his hand and then disappeared.

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