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   Chapter 739 In Desperation Again

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6719

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Ricky believed that there were two kinds of enemies that were most difficult to defeat. The first one was those that were strong-willed and determined. And the other one was those that could not be killed.

Right now, Ricky was facing the enemies that could not be killed. Would it even make a difference that he was stronger than them? Every effort would be in vain if they could not be killed. And Henry had told him that the merge between the Sandy Mutant and him could not last long. After all, this was not some kind of cultivation method that they could cultivate.

"Alva, is there any other way?" Ricky asked bitterly.

"No, there is none. Maybe the best way is to suppress them with strong power. However, it is still difficult for us to do so," Alva replied gravely.

"Suppress? Guess it is our only way now!" Ricky inhaled sharply when he heard what Alva said.

He turned to Luke and Tyler and sneered at them, "You are just some guys protected by the divine energy. What is there to be proud of? You are nothing without the divine energy."

"What are you talking about? How do you know that we have the divine energy?" Luke and Tyler said in disbelief. Their eyes darkened with suspicion and malice against Ricky.

Even the spiritual emperor in this land could not possibly know that it was divine energy. How could a genius from a barren land know about it?

Then, Luke and Tyler were reminded that Ricky was hiding something from them. This also made them realize that Ricky was not an easy target.

"Ricky, tell me, where do you really come from? Maybe if you tell me, we can spare your life," Luke and Tyler asked in a low voice.

"I am from this Realm of Wildness!" Ricky did not owe them any explanation. This kind of mystery was exactly what he wanted Luke, Tyler and Connor to feel.

After Ricky finished talking, he activated his strongest attacks—the Golden Spirit Eyes, the four mutants, the four runes, all kinds of flames. They merged with the power of zones, and kept

to say, you have surpassed my expectations," Connor said coldly as he stared at Scar and Ricky.

"How dare you suppress Luke and Tyler!

Anyway, it doesn't matter now. You will all be dead soon."

Boom! Connor launched a powerful punch, a punch that was integrated with divine energy. Though it seemed ordinary, Scar could not defend himself against it at all.

Without any warning, Scar fell heavily on the ground again as blood gushed out of his mouth profusely.

Scar's power was comparable to Connor's, but with the divine energy, he could not stand even one blow. It showed how powerful the divine energy was.

And it made Ricky realize that right now, Connor was unstoppable. Even if Ricky had the power of a completed spiritual king, he would not be able to defeat Connor.

Connor had the divine blood power, when Luke and Tyler only had a slight bit of divine energy.

Once again, they were in a desperate situation where they had no way of winning.

'Damn, I thought we were going to win and have everything in control. I didn't expect that we have to hide inside the Chaotic Fire Zone again, ' Ricky cursed in his heart.

With a sharp intake of breath, he enveloped everyone with his spiritual power and readied to enter the Chaotic Fire Zone. If they were a second later, they would all be killed by Connor.

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