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   Chapter 738 Defeated But Not Killed

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7113

Updated: 2020-01-12 00:02

The merge of Luke and Tyler was because of a high level cultivation method. Although it was overwhelming, it could still be considered relatively normal. In contrast, they did not understand how Ricky and Henry could merge; even Ricky himself could not understand how it happened.

Once again, the whole zone went silent. With the absence of any sound, Luke's and Tyler's eyes became even more horrific.

"Henry, the Sandy Mutant of yours is truly powerful," Ricky said to Henry with his internal power.

"The Sandy Mutant has the ability to go into anywhere it pleases. After l mastered how to use it, only then did I truly understand the ultimate power of the Sandy Mutant," Henry said.

"I used to think that I would never use it in my entire life because I have never, nor will I ever, encounter anyone that I approve.

I realize now that I was wrong. I didn't want to admit it, but Ricky, you already have my approval. Maybe this is the time my Sandy Mutant can make a real difference."

"Henry, you are flattering me. It seems that I have to win this fight to make your effort count," Ricky said seriously. He was honored when he heard Henry's words. He would definitely do his best so that all their efforts would not be wasted.

Ricky put all these things at the back of his mind. Strong fighting spirit spread through his body as he focused once again on the situation at hand. Ricky had never feared anyone when they had same level of power as he did. No matter what situation he was in, he had never lost and he would make sure he never would.

"You can merge, and we can as well. It seems that I don't have the opportunity to experience the desperation you meant for me," Ricky said to Luke and Tyler as they squared each other up.

"You should have used your whole power to kill me without any delay in the moment of merge, because you never know what your enemies are capable of.

Unfortunately, you have lost your best chance to kill me. And now, you are doomed to fail!"

"Sandy Mutant. I didn't imagine there was such a mutant in a barren realm like this. But, it doesn't matter, because we

to come back to life.

"Ricky, it seems that the Celestial Army did come from the long lost Celestial Land. Otherwise, there is no way they could have survived your attack," Alva said to Ricky telepathically in disbelief.

"Would the Celestial Army conquer our realm again?" Alva muttered in apprehension.

"Alva, what is happening?" Ricky asked gravely.

"Ricky, those creatures coming from the Celestial Land have one similar characteristic—they have a kind of divine energy. This kind of energy is not capable of increasing their strength, but it will benefit them greatly in one aspect," Alva explained to Ricky patiently despite the dread that had begun to plague him.

"Creatures with divine energy cannot be killed by creatures without it.

I guess even with the ruling power of the spiritual emperor, you can't kill Luke and Tyler. The reason why Soar and Henry could kill those Celestial Army outside is that they did not possess divine energy unlike these two.

I don't know if a saint can kill a creature with divine energy."

"Divine energy! They can't be killed!"

Ricky exclaimed hoarsely. His throat had gone dry as he heard more of what Alva was saying.

Ricky's mind filled with more questions than answers as he thought of their situation. What should he do if they couldn't be killed? If Luke and Tyler had the divine energy, then Connor was definitely protected by it as well.

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