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   Chapter 737 We Can Merge As Well

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8401

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Boom! And in that moment, Luke and Tyler's attack broke the fear and silence. Meanwhile, right in the middle of the sky, a devil's punch appeared.

Despite the devil's punch not being that big in terms of size, the power it generated made Ricky feel a strong irresistible power which was like that of a first-class upper spiritual king.

But Ricky wasn't one of those kinds of people who would never fight back. As defense, he activated his power of the four mutants, along with the power of the eight flames.

However, it didn't help him. Now, he had already reached the peak of his power—that of a second-class upper spiritual king. Although he had cultivated the Massacring Holy Attack and the Shadowy Emperor Replication, he had not yet developed deep understanding on these two cultivation methods. Thus, he was not yet able to challenge anyone that was beyond his level.

Luke and Tyler had already learned that the black flame was known to be the Heaven Illuminating Fire. And with that, they directly separated the Heaven Illuminating Fire using the enlightening power as they were launching their attack.

Just after the clash, Ricky was surprised that his power could not hold off the devil's punch at all. Hit hard by the attack, the second level of Ultimate Golden Body shattered into pieces as it was not able to contain the force that it had received. With this, he fell on the ground along with the clanging of the metals that were destroyed.

At that time, his fall was so heavy that it had even caused to form a deep ditch in the ground along with the cloud of dust that filled the air.

"Ricky!" Scar yelled nervously as he witnessed what had happened. With boiling blood, he activated all of his power in the hopes of saving Ricky from death. However, just as he was charging up, Connor put his hand on his shoulder as he tried to stop him.

Having the heart to stop Scar, Connor seemed to have activated his true power. Although Scar had already summoned all of his power, he was still at a disadvantage.

"Have you felt the desperation and helplessness yet?" Luke and Tyler mocked with hideous faces, as they laughed above the ditch where Ricky lay.

"If so, please tell us, and we will send you to hell to spare you from this kind of desperation. Otherwise, tell me as well so that I will show you the feeling of true desperation!

But we think you will choose the latter because all creatures in the world would like to prolong your last gasp, especially the pathetic ones li

rossed his mind yet again.

"Ricky, since I've decided to follow you, I will help you this time," Henry said to Ricky through his internal power.

"Okay, that's helpful. But do you have any ideas in mind? If you do, tell me now!" Ricky said expectantly after hearing Henry's assurance of aid.

"Yes, I do. Since they have already merged, I think that we could all do the same. If we do this, then it will be easy for us to kill them," said Henry in a matter of fact.

However, Ricky's enthusiasm cooled down when he heard what Henry had planned for them.

Merging? It seemed far-fetched. How the hell could they possibly merge together?

In Luke and Tyler's case, they had cultivated the Double-masculinity Fusion Cultivation Method so that they could merge.

However, Ricky immediately realized that Henry never joked. So he asked, "Henry, do you know how we could merge like them?"

"Oh come on. Why would I even tell you if I didn't know how to do it?" said Henry irritated.

"In that case, then I will show you the last card of the Sandy Mutant!"

Upon finishing his words, Henry immediately activated the Sandy Mutant and turned into sand which then shape shifted into a battle suit and covered Ricky. It might not seem like it, but it was more like a merge more than just a covering.

Then, Ricky started to possess some of the characteristics of the Sandy Mutant. Afterwards, he felt that his power and momentum were surging fast like lightning which then immediately reached the level of a first-class upper spiritual king.

The jaws of the other warriors in the battlefield were agape as they witness something that shook them to their core.

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