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   Chapter 736 The Double-masculinity Fusion Cultivation Method

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Whoosh! Whoosh!

Without any warning, from the billowing energy and dust, a figure shot out at lightning speed. It was none other than Luke, who still looked as if he was at his peak when he stirred waves of explosions traveling in the air.

Although he appeared to have suffered from a deep wound in his hollow chest as his blood continued to gush out, he was still in good condition. Judging from the energy he unleashed, one could tell that he could still gather enough strength to continue his fight against Ricky.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Ricky couldn't help but exclaim seeing that Luke had not been finished at all.

He was not the only one who was stunned by the sudden turn of events. All the other warriors, including Scar and the lord of the Imperial Palace of Wildness also couldn't take their eyes off Luke as he escaped from the strong impact.

After all, Ricky's last strike was utterly violent and had no hints of mercy. They just couldn't believe that a second-class upper spiritual king was able to survive it without having to exert much effort on his defense. But there he stood, coming at them with a few scratches and still full of energy.

'Could it be true? Is he an immortal?' Ricky thought hard as he tried to think out of the box for an explanation. 'He just said we knew little about them and it seems like he wasn't joking. Don't tell me they really came from that long lost Celestial Land.'

Ricky had confidence in his own strength, and he was certain that the strike he just did should have taken Luke down for good. There must be a reason why things didn't go as he had expected.

Desperate to find out the truth, Ricky applied his Golden Spirit Eyes to know more about Luke's abilities. This time, he was able to find some clues.

Even from a distance, he was able to observe that clouds of steam were coming out of Luke's wounds as they were recovering at a speed fast enough to be noticed. As Ricky watched, all of Luke's wounds were eventually cured by some kind of magical repairing energy coming out of his very bones and flesh. Soon, the wounds caused by Ricky's attack were almost unnoticeable.

'So is it possible that he's equipped with some kind of self-repairing mutant?' Ricky mused.

But the next moment, Ricky denied the possibility himself, for he was sure that he couldn't sense any kind of mutant in Luke. It was a conclusion made by the powers of his four zones, and Ricky had faith in his detecting abilities.

'Perhaps it is something about his blood and flesh, some kind of self-repairing energy coursing through his veins, ' Ricky thought to himself. Even though the puzzle hadn't been solved yet, the confused expression on his face quickly turned into determination. 'If I can't kill you with three strikes, I wouldn't mind launching thirty or even sixty attacks until I get to see your corpse with my own eyes!'

Without hesitation, he took his mind off all the doubts and misgivings as he let his immense fighting spirit fill his heart once again.

"I have never seen a self-repairing ability like this!" After Ricky, the lord of the Imperial Pala

never heard about this kind of fusion cultivation method, let alone seen one with his own eyes.

'If I'm not mistaken, they called it the Double-masculinity Fusion Cultivation Method just now. It truly is a strange skill that could create such a freak, ' Ricky thought with a heavy heart.

But it wasn't really the look of the creature that made him uncomfortable.

The problem was, the energy Luke and Tyler had was greatly increased after they fused into one. Ricky hated to admit it, but their power had apparently become stronger than his.

'I hope that this boost of their power is still within my ability to fight against, ' Ricky prayed in his heart, which he seldom did during a fight.

But soon enough, it was proven to him that God would not be enough to save him.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Luke and Tyler showed their teeth like a bloodthirsty beast the moment their combination had fully taken shape. The moment they opened their jaws, the power they unleashed rose rapidly with a loud explosion.

Within only a few seconds, their power leveled up from a second-class upper spiritual king's to a first-class upper spiritual king's as their immense energy seemed endless.

When the overwhelming energy from the creature whipped their faces, the lord of the Imperial Palace of Wildness and the Casting Guild's chief both put on a grave expression.

'I can't believe that they are able to reach the level of a first-class upper spiritual king just by fusing together. This cultivation method is certainly hard to deal with!' Ricky thought as he bit his lip.


The two heads laughed in unison. Their bright red tongues hung out and twitched as if they were searching for their targets. "Our killing spree is about to begin, you ignorant insects. We will be the predators, while you become our preys. It will be a wonderful game, I promise," they declared.

Bang! As soon as their threatening words left their mouths, their energy and killing intent also reached their peaks. Without a doubt, Ricky was now faced against a first-class upper spiritual king.

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