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   Chapter 735 Shadowy Replication

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When Ricky's uttered words had faded away, the four runes had already spread around his second level of Ultimate Golden Body. And, at the exact moment the four runes merged together, he activated the four mutants to flare up his power to the largest extent.

Once again, the simultaneous burst of the four mutants shocked everyone present. Collectively, they fixed their astonished eyes upon Ricky.

They had never heard of anybody possessing two mutants, let alone four mutants.

It wasn't Ricky's original intent to reveal his ace in the hole in front of all these warriors. However, he had no other choice at the moment. Fortunately, he believed that he would successfully kill all the members of the Celestial Army, and that both the lord of the Imperial Palace of Wildness and the chief of the Casting Guild had made the Martial Arts Oaths in advance. Therefore, his real power would still remain secret.

"Mutant power, runic power, Chaotic Fire Lotus, knock him down!"

Ricky's eyes started to emanate bright golden light and his mouth started to tighten in an all-too-familiar response. Undoubtedly, Ricky was using the Golden Spirit Eyes in order to further perfect the combination of the sacred fires and the peculiar fires.

Now that he had activated the four mutants, he would not rashly misuse the actual power of the Golden Spirit Eyes. After all, neither the lord of the Imperial Palace of Wildness nor the chief of the Casting Guild was his friends, so he would not reveal all his strengths to them. However, the most important reason was that Ricky believed that he was able to kill Luke with the power of the four mutants.

The power of the four runes, together with the power of the mutants, strongly burst forth out of Ricky's body. They took the shape of a four-petal lotus, as they fell from the sky. The deep furrows in Ricky's brows gradually receded as the lotus dashed towards Luke as well as the three merged devil fists.

It was obvious that during the process, the perfectly merged seven flames spread to the four-petal lotus, which, as a result, looked like a lotus of endless fire.

The flames were burning now. It looked like boiling glow of volcanic lava flowing across rocks or the flaming clash of fire and ice. Ricky and Luke launched their attacks at the same time.

As a mixture of three kinds of power, the four-petal lotus destroyed everything in its path. The countless devil shadows created by the devil fist disappeared too.

With a loud noise, the four-petal lotus collided with the devil fists.

The collision lasted for a while.

lood could be seen everywhere in the blast of the air ripples.

"It's about time to show you how I will smash you now!"

Ricky shouted. The battle was taking another turn now, and the crowd was getting even more excited as their eyes were riveted on the two fighters. Instantly, the second level of Ultimate Golden Body packed all of the galaxy power inside Ricky's body and formed a huge golden purple fist, which then viciously dashed into Luke.

Luke had received two attacks before falling all the way roughly onto the harsh ground. The sound of his fall was a loud thump as he hit the ground chest first, and, consequently, he spat more mouthfuls of blood.

Luke did not move or speak or even moan in pain. However, that did not stop Ricky from continuing his attack against him for he was determined to win and end this battle once and for all. In an instant, the Iron Destroyer appeared in Ricky's hand and immediately dashed towards the deep pit created by Luke's body.

Hovering in midair, Ricky stated in a deep, intense voice, "Whether you're still alive or not, Luke, you must be deactivated right now!"

The silence was almost deafening. Ricky glanced around and to his surprise, he quickly noticed that neither Tyler nor Connor seemed to care much about what was happening at the moment.

'Could he still be alive? How could that be?' Ricky thought to himself, with brows deeply furrowed. At the thought, his face turned dismal immediately.

"Ricky. Listen, now. Your attack was indeed powerful, but it was not powerful enough to kill me, and that is because you don't understand us at all." Luke's cold voice resounded through the deep pit. It was exactly as Ricky had feared, Luke was still alive.

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