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   Chapter 734 Cultivation Method Revealed

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The scene was getting increasingly tense. In the blink of an eye, Ricky metamorphosed his force into Ultimate Domain which roughly crashed into Luke. Without the slightest bout of hesitation, he clenched his fist, reinforced it with the massacring power and punched Luke.

Ricky's strike was an amalgamation of his Ultimate Domain and martial art. He clearly knew that although neither of the two deputy leaders was an upper spiritual king, they both surely were much more powerful than the Shadow King.

Therefore, Ricky had to make sure his every single punch was his very best strike, and that because once the fight fell in Luke's domain, it would be more than difficult for him to win the fight.

"Those who dare challenge or offend the Celestial Army shall immediately die a horrible death." Luke's tone was derisive and he stressed upon every single word. Then, he struck out too, very strongly.

The power of his fist felt similar to that of Connor. It resembled both the evil spirit and dark power simultaneously. To his surprise, Ricky even felt that he saw Pearl's feminine power in Luke's punch. However, none of the three forces were a match to this one at all.

Ricky somehow felt that his own power was being restrained by this one single punch from Luke.

That had barely ever happened to him before, ever since Ricky activated his four zones.

'I'll collect some of his power and disassemble it in the Devourer Zone. Maybe then I'll get all the answers I need, ' Ricky thought to himself after much reflection. Cautiously, he drew in a streak of the power and immediately dispatched it into the Devourer Zone so that the devouring runes could disassemble it.

Boom! The fists of Ricky and Luke could be heard colliding into each other.

At the other side of the space, Scott, the lord of the Imperial Palace of Wildness, and the chief of the Casting Guild were fighting with Tyler, the other deputy. Tyler was a force to be reckoned with, and he was a master fighter. Meanwhile, Scott and the lord of the Imperial Palace of Wildness were two upper class spiritual kings. It was obvious they would not be able to beat Tyler fast; however, they would not lose fast, either.

As long as Ricky could defeat Luke, then their victory would be assured.

Ricky was fully aware of this.

As th


It had never occurred to Ricky for a second that Luke could recognize the Ultimate Golden Body after only one glance, and he appeared to be more than frantic.

'Is possible that someone else could be cultivating the Ultimate Golden Body?' Ricky asked himself inwardly.

It wasn't just Luke who was astonished by Ricky, Tyler had also been captivated by Ricky, with his eyes beset by bewilderment.

"Luke, he's dangerous. Kill him, now! Maybe he does not know the history of the Ultimate Golden Body! I can't believe there's still someone on this continent cultivating it!" Connor commanded telepathically.

"If I can only get the cultivation method of the Ultimate Golden Body from him, we'll be greatly rewarded after we come back."

"Understood!" replied Luke seriously.

After Luke understood the gravity of the situation from Connor, he forced himself to the limit.

Suddenly the earth started to shake, and the air blew so violently as if there was a tornado coming, and in a flash, two more giant shadows then appeared out of nowhere behind Luke. They were incredibly intimidating.

All of a sudden, the three shadows then exploded and started spilling over an unknown power and then fused it with Luke's fist.

In a flash, the first one dashed towards Ricky with countless consecutive images behind it.

"What a powerful punch! It looks like there's no purpose for me to hide anymore," Ricky said in a low voice, dropping all his confusion about why the Celestial Army recognized the Ultimate Golden Body.

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