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   Chapter 733 Revealing His Identity

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6871

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Ricky wondered who the Celestial Army could be.

When he used the power of four zones, he could feel the unknown power released by Connor was similar to the evil spirit, but stronger.

'Does the Celestial Army come from the Celestial Land?' Ricky thought in disbelief, reminded of what Alva had said.

But Ricky didn't think too much of it, nor did he try to contact Alva. He channeled his internal strength, and Scar came out of the Chaotic Fire Zone. Scar broke the attack of Connor in one palm.

Under the two strikes, Scar's momentum that belonged to a completed spiritual king and the Ultimate Domain exploded as well, and clashed with the attack of Connor.

The scene had drawn everyone's attention.

However, everyone present was a spiritual king, so they immediately understood what was happening. Ricky hid this completed spiritual king inside his spiritual space tool, and purposely waited for this moment.

After the shock had worn off, the lord of the Imperial Palace of Wildness and the chief of the Casting Guild felt excited.

They never imagined that Ricky had hidden such a strong help. With a completed spiritual king on their side, they would not lose even if they had no assurance of winning.

They felt lucky. It was obvious that they made the right choice when they listened to Ricky and made a Martial Arts Oath.

Connor, Luke, and Tyler were all desperate. The situation had not gone according to their plan and they scrambled to get their control back.

"Yori, it seems that you have been preparing since the beginning," Connor said gravely.

In this round of fight, he could feel that Scar was as powerful as him. He might be able to suppress Scar, but he definitely would not be able to kill him.

Unfortunately, a draw equaled to a loss for them.

"Who are you really? I can see you've been planning for this for a long time."

Connor still talked confidently, but inside he was worried that Ricky had known about them right from the start. 'That's not possible, ' he told himself. They had prepared fo

hting with a completed spiritual king.

Boom! The world erupted into loud noises and bright beams of light as Scar fought with Connor.

"You two, kill them for me." Connor maliciously gestured for Luke and Tyler. He needed to concentrate on Scar but he had to make sure that he would not be caught blindsided by the others.

As Luke turned to do Connor's bidding, he met Ricky's eyes from across the field.

'He is a second-class upper spiritual king that is stronger than the Shadow King. How exciting!' Ricky thought to himself.

"Ricky, let Henry and me out. The three of us can defeat Luke easily," Soar convinced Rocky.

"Soar, Henry, you have one more thing to do," Ricky addressed them.

"There are many spiritual kings of the Celestial Army outside. I am worried that they will attack other creatures in the Realm of Wildness right now, because they want to collect their fortune. I need you to deal with them."

"Ha-ha, Ricky, compared with fighting with Luke, I am more interested in fighting with warriors weaker." Soar smiled when he heard Ricky's words.

Then Ricky let Soar and Henry go, and they rushed out in haste.

Connor, Luke, and Tyler saw them as they went and moved to stop them. However, they were stopped by Scar and Ricky.

"Luke, I am your enemy. Now show me how powerful the mysterious power of the Celestial Army is."

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