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   Chapter 732 True Colors

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6382

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'What on earth is in there, to have caused the strange feeling from the mysterious axe in my Soul Sea?' Ricky thought, mind taken over by confusion.

"You must have felt another space in there. That's where our opportunity is." Connor pointed forward, with his face more excited than ever.

He grabbed the chief of the Sky Manor and then excitedly leaped into the vortex. Luke and Tyler scrambled after him immediately.

Without any hesitation, Ricky joined them and jumped into the vortex.

Moments later, they came into an ancient space, a primordial world filled with dust.

There was nothing but a colossus that stood in the center. The material of the statue was hard to tell. It was possible that it was made by refining some special force.

The colossus was about 100 feet tall. Everyone marveled at how magnificent and ancient it looked.

The mysterious axe in Ricky's Soul Sea started to vibrate more violently. He thought that it was going to break out of his skull. It felt as if his eyes were being forced by the axe to look at the colossus.

Ricky's eyes widened as he saw a huge iron core at the heart of the colossus. It seemed to be calling to the axe. An idea came up in Ricky's mind.

'Is the core part of the axe in my Soul Sea? But nothing was missing on it the last time I checked, ' he wondered.

Connor and his two deputies were eagerly staring up at the core which was apparently their goal of this trip.

The core itself might be useless to them, but it was part of their mission. They couldn't rise to fame and high positions unless they completed this mission, so they would do whatever they could to achieve their goal.

"Master Connor, there is nothing but this colossus in this place. Where's our opportunity?" the lord of the Imperial Palace of Wildness and the chief of the Casting Guild asked in confusion.

"Opportunity? You still want that? There was no

," Ricky explained telepathically after he saw the disbelief on their faces.

The explanation only worsened the confusion of the two.

They were distracted from their confusion when Connor started cackling like a mad man. "Your death and your fortune will bring great changes to the whole continent. It is an honorable and worthy cause, except that no one will remember your names!"

Boom! Pressure from Connor as a completed spiritual king erupted. He knitted his hands together and condensed his power into a huge palm and slapped it towards the four enemies.

It was just a normal strike for Connor, but it was already too powerful for the four people to resist. There was a huge gap in power between a completed spiritual king and an upper spiritual king.

That was because a completed spiritual king had comprehended the completed enlightenment; their enlightening power had experienced a qualitative change.

That was the first time Ricky had seen a man from the Celestial Army fight, but he had somehow detected a trace of evil spirit. The aura Conner erupted seemed to be more advanced than evil spirit, which was totally new to Ricky. He had never seen that before, not even in a history book.

'Who could the Celestial Army truly be?' he wondered.

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