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   Chapter 731 A Hidden Mystery

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7372

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Ricky still remembered how the Sky Manor had bustled the last time he visited. Despite the provocations he received, he had formed a bond of friendship with Kristen and Tyson.

However, things were different now. Great changes had taken place in the Sky Manor. The Celestial Army imprisoned the chief of the Sky Manor who once helped him. Kristen and Tyson were nowhere to be found. The once-influential Sky Manor looked more like a cage these days.

"Master Connor!" an apathetic voice called out suddenly. A black figure appeared in the palace. It emanated threatening energy.

Similar to the other members of the Celestial Army, the figure was cloaked in darkness. His black eyes were the only distinct features about him.

There was no doubt that the coming man was Tyler, the other deputy leader of the Celestial Army.

"How goes the preparations?" Connor asked. His serious gaze zeroed in on the figure.

"Please set your heart at ease. Everything is ready. I have found the land of opportunity and prepared everything we need to cross the threshold. You can give your order at any time," Tyler responded.

"Great! Tell our men to bar any other spiritual king from this place before our return from the land of opportunity." With a hum, Connor stroked his chin as he thought over the details of the plan. His commanding tone was as rough and heavy as gravel.

"I've already given the command. Not a single fly will enter this place before we come out," Tyler answered.

"That sounds good. Where is the entrance?" Connor nodded. His eyes flitted about the palace as he tried to look for the entrance.

Hearing this, Tyler narrowed his eyes. He condensed an attack in his right hand. Then, he launched the attack upward, towards the big plaque of the Sky Manor in the center of the palace.

With a deafening bang, the plaque broke into pieces. Debris flew in every direction. A metal plaque was nothing against an attack from an upper spiritual king.

Every eye in the palace shifted their attention to the area beyond the plaque. There, they found a black vortex as big as a human head.

But the vortex seemed ordinary. Nobody could sense power from it.

Despite this, they all

It's not time for me to stand out yet. Once I oppose the Celestial Army, I'm sure the lord of the Imperial Palace of Wildness will swiftly stand by them. I'm an obstacle between him and his opportunity.

Besides, if I'm being honest, I also want to enter the vortex and see what's inside.'

"Has she been baptized with our power?" Connor asked Tyler telepathically.

"Please don't worry about that, Master Connor! She was baptized for a year. I believe that her blood essence can open the door," Tyler assured in a quite confident tone.

"That would be great!" Connor responded excitedly.

"Don't forget to kill all these people as soon as we enter the vortex hole. In particular, we must kill the chief of the Sky Manor and obtain her fortune. Her fortune is the most important."

"I understand, sir."

The next moment, Connor flipped his finger. His power took the shape of a chord that pierced through the Sky Manor chief's heart. He did this to pick up a drop of her blood essence. Then, he filled the drop of blood essence with his power, strengthening it.

When he put the blood essence into the vortex, it changed. It got bigger and bigger as it began rotating.

As it rotated, strong gravity spread from its center.

At the same time, Ricky and the others perceived the existence of another zone behind the vortex.

Once again, the mysterious axe stirred. This time, it rattled violently inside Ricky's body. A gut feeling overwhelmed him.

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