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   Chapter 729 The Celestial Army's Mission

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7196

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"Soul replication! Impressive!" Ricky exclaimed to himself. His expression went blank, unable to register the shock.

He was already surprised to find that replication of blood and flesh was possible. Going farther beyond that to accomplish even soul replication was a formidable feat. He was astonished. It was like an addiction. One successful soul replica would be exceptional enough for the real body to disregard their life.

Giddy with anticipation, Ricky looked at the new information with the same sparkling eyes of a child. He was beyond excited to know all about the fourth phase.

However, as he finished absorbing the information for the first three phases, he found the fourth phase empty.

"The fourth part regarding soul replication is missing," said Ricky, his brows quirked up in confusion.

It was understandable that such a formidable cultivation method wouldn't be leaked to the world that easily.

'Maybe the Endless Shadow has hidden the fourth phase in its base, ' Ricky thought to himself.

Hastily, he left the Shadow Mountains and headed straight for the Celestial Army's camp.

The Shadow King kept all the cultivation resources of the Endless Shadow in his storage ring. He also left behind treasures that Ricky wasn't particularly interested in.

With the Shadow King and the other innate spiritual kings dead, the Endless Shadow existed only in name. It wouldn't take long before the organization completely disappeared from the Realm of Wildness.

The organization had just lost the protection of their most powerful leaders. Other forces would seize upon this vulnerability to destroy it once and for all.

... As soon as Ricky returned to the Celestial Army's camp, he greeted Connor with a small nod, but he didn't stop his march. He swept past towards his cultivation place. The only clear thought in his mind was the desire to dive into the Shadowy Emperor Replication.

"Sir, he must have solved the problem if he's back. That's incredible! He killed Shadow King and his cronies all by himself!" Luke, a deputy leader of the Celestial Army, gasped as his eyes followed Ricky's hurried form.


ief of the Casting Guild, the lord of the Imperial Palace of Wildness, and Scott came soon after him.

Fear etched into the faces of the chief of the Casting Guild and the lord of the Imperial Palace of Wildness. Both of them vividly remembered the Shadow King's death.

They were afraid the Celestial Army would end their lives in the same way.

"I need your help for what's to come. If we succeed, I'll even share the interest with you," Connor laughed.

Excitement showed clearly on their faces at Connor's words. They dampened a moment later when both the chief of the Casting Guild and the lord of the Imperial Palace of Wildness remembered they could end up as cannon fodder if they weren't careful.

"What is it, sir?" The lord of the Imperial Palace of Wildness cleared his throat as he met Connor's eyes. It had taken him a lot of courage to ask.

"Huh, I can't tell you right now. I don't want to spoil the fun." Connor barked another harsh peal of laughter. A wicked amusement danced in his eyes.

In contrast, the faces of the chief of the Casting Guild and the lord of the Imperial Palace of Wildness turned grim. Their shoulders dropped, resigned. They were convinced that they would be punching bags in the coming fight, absorbing every attack that came their way.

"I know your concerns," Connor said as he noticed their dreadful expressions.

"I'm sure what's coming next will dispel your anxiety."

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