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   Chapter 728 Acquiring The Shadowy Replication

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The mountains in this place extended endlessly and towered high up into heaven. On the mountains, all the lush grass and big trees looked murky and quite gloomy.

The ground was rather black and swampy, covered by an intense bloody smell.

The situation here looked very similar to the Ghost Mountains in the Realm of Wildness.

The only difference was that the killing aura taking over the place was a few times stronger than that in the Ghost Mountains.

There were no hidden arrays in this place. A black tower stood high and right in the middle of the mountains, looking ancient and shifty.

The place was as silent as death, as if the killing aura had taken it over a long time ago, and nothing here had changed ever since then.

However, at a certain moment, the black tower shook a little. A little white later, two rays of light came out of it.

Deep inside the tower, a figure—which had remained still for a long time—slowly opened its eyes, as if it were a piece of fossil coming back life. His eyes weren't really glaring, but they looked sharp enough to see though time.

"This is the very first time that my clone has been so completely killed. I wonder who had the power to have done that." The black figure spoke calmly to himself.

"But, it is my estimation that our paths will cross soon enough."

And then he stopped moving, and the entire black tower receded back into peace. The earthquake he had caused was over.

The blood essence that the Shadow King had turned into was wrapped by chaotic fire runes after Ricky put it into the Chaotic Fire Zone. Quickly, the drop of blood essence then turned into many mini-sized black human figures.

Then, those figures kept transforming in his zone. And, every time they transformed, new message would be conveyed into Ricky's mind.

'That...that's the cultivation method called the Shadowy Emperor Replication!' Ricky almost couldn't believe what he had read in there. His pupils contracted out of extreme shock. He tried to compose himself.

'The Shadowy Emperor Replication! The cultivation method belongs to the Endl

dy, but perhaps slightly inferior in power. That was the real replication referred to in the method.

The replicas of flesh and blood granted the real body the strength and ability to face multiple enemies alone, and that was why the method was formidable.

Perhaps the only weak point of the method might be the slim power gap. It would turn into a significant weak point when the real body would fight with talented enemies, such as Ricky for example.

The replica of blood and flesh would not die even if the real body was dead. Few people could tell the difference between a replica and the real body, not even Ricky who had the Golden Spirit Eyes.

The replication of blood and flesh was the peak of the cultivation of the Shadowy Emperor Replication.

The fourth phase was the soul replication.

The replicas in this stage were created by fusing the soul power and the flesh and blood of the heart of the real body.

In that manner, the replicas were more than mere replicas. They could all be considered real bodies.

The replicas would then resemble the real body in every possible way, physically, mentally, spiritually...

The formidable part was that even if the first real body was dead, the replicas could still live and cultivate.

When a warrior had reached the fourth phase of the cultivation method, the number of their replicas indicated how many lives they owned.

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