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   Chapter 727 A Drop Of The Blood Essence

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 10231

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Back then, Ricky had already spent a lot of time in the Snow Land of the Realm of Wildness. At that moment, he recalled the past where he overcame numerous difficulties to grow up and achieve everything that he had now.

The things he had been through were numerous and complex with a lot of near-death situations. Fortunately, he had also met a lot of important people who had been willing to help him achieve his goals. With the help of Grace, Zenith, Doris, and other friends he met on the way, Ricky had become the talented and hardworking cultivator that he was today.

While Ricky was in the Realm of Wildness, the three spiritual kings, Mia, Errol and Shadow King were just like three mountains standing on his shoulder, which were a great intimidation for him internally. Under such mental pressure, his life was not easy at all.

Although Ricky had confidence in himself, he was also worried at that time. What worried him most was that he would fail if he was not careful enough and all his dreams would come to a bitter end.

Luckily, Ricky finally survived as he adhered to his own way of martial arts. He even overcame all the obstacles he faced on his way to success and left all of them in the Realm of Wildness. At that point, there were more possibilities for him to reach higher levels of martial arts.

Floating in the air, Ricky felt a great relief in his heart at that very moment. It was the kind of relaxation one would get if they were flying at a gallop between heaven and earth. He felt that he was like an eagle finally set free from its cage.

At that moment, although nothing was changing in his strength and cultivation level, Ricky could clearly feel the change in his mood. It was a state of mind that was as clear as water and contained no negative emotions.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that there was nothing negative in Ricky's mind at all. He indeed had the most appropriate mindset for cultivation after everything he had been through.

On the other hand, Pearl could feel this as well since she was watching him from the Massacring Zone. Out of annoyance, she murmured, "His state of mind has been elevated. What a great opportunity! I never expected such good fortune to be happening to a shameless guy like him.

Well, it looks like the Realm of Wildness is one of the barriers in his mind."

After immersing himself in his relaxed state for a while, Ricky reacted as if something had suddenly occurred to him. Instead of the calm look he had a moment ago, a serious expression began to show on his face. After all, he would never voluntarily spend a long time staying in such a situation knowing he had a lot of other important things to do.

"What will happen if I put these three dead bodies of the Shadow Kings together? Will there be some changes?" As he thought about it, Ricky then put the three dead bodies together.

After that, he then took away the storage ring from one of the Shadow Kings. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him—the Shadow King who had owned the storage ring should

surprised once again! I have never heard anything like that before," Ricky exclaimed out of shock after hearing her explanation.

"There is nothing to be surprised about. Well, maybe it is all due to your own ignorance. After all, you came out of a small place, didn't you?" Pearl said contemptuously at the sight of Ricky's face filled with surprise.

Truth to be told, Pearl disliked Ricky with all her heart. Therefore, she wanted to oppose him every opportunity she got, whether it would be in battle or in words.

"Well, you can say whatever you like because I don't really care what you say about me," Ricky replied lightly in a flat tone.

At the sense of that Ricky was not going to defend himself on this topic, Pearl could only cut the conversation in order not to bring contempt upon herself. Then, she began to cultivate in the Massacring Zone. Although her cultivation was not aiming at the massacring power, which would be increasing in this zone, she could definitely sense something special during her cultivation here.

On the other hand, with the smile on Ricky's face still showing, another serious thought had occurred to him at that moment. According to what Pearl had just said, he might have offended a saints or a demi-saint by killing the Shadow King.

'Things behind the Endless Shadow might not be as simple as I thought they would be. It looks much more complicated now. The Endless Shadows of different realms must be closely related. Or, in other words, every Shadow King from different Endless Shadows comes from the conscious blood essence. Could this be true? Anyway, this is something that is beyond my control, ' Ricky thought to himself.

'Thus, it's better for me to just focus on how to deal with the Celestial Army when the time comes.'

With that in mind, he then put the blood essence into the Chaotic Fire Zone. And he was about to leave at this moment.

However, to his great surprise, changes began to take place as soon as the blood essence was put into the Chaotic Fire Zone.

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