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   Chapter 726 The Feud Has Been Settled

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8094

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Boom! The three Omnipotent Skills charged. Their combined force crushed the space and restrained the attacks coming from the three Shadow Kings. Dust scattered all over the place and the golden lights began diffusing. In the midst of the ensuing chaos, Ricky made his move.

Amid the surging air waves, Ricky rose to the middle of the sky and generated his momentum. He then proceeded to engage the three Shadow Kings in combat.

It could be seen that there was another crack behind Ricky's second level of Ultimate Golden Body. The crack was caused by his failure to defend himself against the Shadow King's earlier attack.

Only those with sharp eyes could see that the injury left by this attack was not as serious as the one caused by the Shadow King before he summoned the Shadowy Replication.

In other words, after the replication, the strength of each replica would be weaker compared to the original one.

As the Shadow King's enemy, Ricky should have been able to deduce this during their confrontation. And he was. This was the exact reason why Ricky opted not to defend himself. He wanted to prove the theory on his own, using his own methods.

"How can you defend my attack and launch three of your most powerful strikes all at the same time? How is that even possible?" the three Shadow Kings said hoarsely, witnessing how Ricky did not even suffer any serious injuries. Even more surprising was how he was able to fly immediately to the middle of the sky and launch a counterattack.

At the first, the three Shadow Kings attacked Ricky in unison. However, Ricky defended himself using two of the strongest strikes. The way he casually refracted their attacks shocked all three Shadow Kings.

But, it didn't matter. As long as one of them could keep attacking Ricky, his second level of Ultimate Golden Body would surely break.

However, what was happening now was something that was completely out of the Shadow King's imagination. Ricky could not only initiate two most powerful strikes at the same time, but three!

The Shadow King could only release three attacks at the same time by replication, but Ricky couldn't replicate himself. Yet, Ricky still managed to release three attacks together. It was this fact that reminded the Shadow King of the horrendous capabilities that genius people possessed.

'How can this be possible!? How could he be that kind of genius? If he is that kind

the Golden Spirit Eyes. The impact impaled the Shadow King, who was screaming at the top of his lungs. His excruciating pain could be heard amid the storm. Then the replica was eliminated.

It all happened too fast. Before the other two Shadow Kings could even react, the dead corpse of the Shadow King fell from the sky.

Before it landed and crumbled on the ground, the corpse was taken by Ricky. He kept the corpse inside the Chaotic Fire Zone.

Though he had already known about the weakness of the Shadow King's Shadowy Replication, Ricky was yet to learn about the process behind the Shadowy Replication technique. If the dead replica could still revive itself, then Ricky's efforts would all be in vain.

At the moment, the best option for Ricky was to put the dead corpse of the replica aside.

The two other Shadow Kings looked desperate as they watched Ricky take away the corpse of the replica.

They didn't hesitate and made a run for themselves in opposite directions.

Unfortunately, escaping was no longer an option for them. The Golden Spirit Eyes created yet another powerful explosion. The Seven-flame Lotus fell from the sky and crushed one of the Shadow Kings. Next, Ricky made his move towards the remaining Shadow King. After trying to endure three powerful strikes from the ace genius, the last of the Shadow Kings soon succumbed to his death as well.

All this happened while the Seven-flame Lotus burned the other Shadow King to a crisp.

'The feud between the Realm of Wildness and me is finally put to an end, ' Ricky thought to himself, and he heaved deeply in relief.

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