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   Chapter 725 The Genuine Shadowy Replication

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The Shadowy Replication was such an inconsistent cultivation method that Ricky had to take advantage of his Golden Spirit Eyes which could see through all illusions. And that was the only way in which he would be able to see the true body of the Shadow King.

Killing an enemy who used Shadowy Replication was quite tricky—one could only kill his enemy by killing his real body when dealing with such an ability. If only the replication was killed, then everything would have been for nothing because the real body would still be able to create new replications of himself.

"You are already familiar with the Shadowy Replication, and it seems that you have probably once fought with someone of the Endless Shadow in other realms in the past. Your experience only gives me an idea on why you hate me so much," the Shadow King said coldly after he heard Ricky drop the name of the Shadowy Replication.

"Say what you want. Ever since I arrived in the Realm of Wildness, the Endless Shadow here has been doomed to be destroyed," Ricky said apathetically.

Buzz! Buzz! While he talked with the Shadow King, he secretly fully activated his Golden Spirit Eyes. Then, tens of thousands of golden lights suddenly broke out from his eyes.

"Brag all you want about your power but I pity you for having no shame! How dare you! Now you're just depending on the golden body to envelop your own body and protect yourself. And for as long as I continue my replication, I will smash your golden body and turn every inch of your blood and flesh into my bloody steam. In this way, I can avenge my men's deaths," the Shadow King said in murderous tone upon hearing Ricky's response.

Noticing the change in Ricky's eyes, the Shadow King then stared at him intently. "How powerful your eyes have become! I sense that a lot of danger is about to head this way!

But with my replication, no second-class upper spiritual king can let me feel threatened!"

Just right after Ricky activated the Golden Spirit Eyes, he saw Shadow Kings right before him. However, something really unexpected happened.

Shocked to his core, he could not believe that he saw not one, but three genuine Shadow Kings with the use of his Golden Spirit Eyes! Dumbfounded, Ricky looked again to check if he was dreaming. And what he saw was hauntingly right. There were indeed three Shadow Kings in mid-air, with all genuine bodies, with real blood and f

as able to do it because of his gutsy nature and his confidence with his second level of Ultimate Golden Body.


The next moment, three ear-splitting sounds echoed throughout the whole atmosphere. Ricky, along with his second level of Ultimate Golden Body were severely hit all of a sudden which sent them down to the ground with a violent thud. And with a crash, the golden body even smashed several mountains.

And due to the strong collision, a very deep hole appeared in the ground.

"You're too obnoxious, but too weak to challenge me! How can you possibly withstand my attacks with two simple strikes?" the three Shadow Kings sneered at the same time as they looked at the dust that had spread all over the deep hole.

And without taking a rest, the three Shadow Kings then directly broke out their powers and, without thinking twice, struck at the deep hole.

Denying Ricky any chance to recover from his unsightly fall, they hurriedly aimed their next attack at him.

Buzz! Buzz! Then, the three Shadow Kings' attacks swept downward as fast as lightning, echoing loud resonance. And in a split second, the power would soon engulf the deep hole where Ricky was in.

But Ricky wasn't the type of warrior who would give up so easily as he gave out a loud roar from deep in the hole.

"Massacring Omnipotent Skill—Impregnable Killing Finger!

Chaotic Fire Omnipotent Skill—Space Splitting Cage!

Gale Omnipotent Skill—Gale Strike!"

And as soon as Ricky's voice had faded into the void, three powerful strikes broke out of the deep hole, ready to pulverize the three Shadow Kings.

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