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   Chapter 724 The Massacring Pattern Strike

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

Two surges of thunderous energy clashed against each other again. For a moment, it looked as if the blasts had caused the world to collapse. The whole area trembled violently as if the ground would split apart. Energy lashed out from the center of the attacks and engulfed everything in blinding brightness.

Two figures cut through the broken sky—one glowed bloody red while the other shone a blinding gold. Two deep dents were made in the sky as they traveled at a great speed, and two crimson stains trailed behind them like bloody rain.

Suddenly, the two huge figures shot out from the heated energy billow. They were knocked back by the impact so heavily that it took them great strength to stop. They were hundreds of miles away from each other when they finally regained their balance.

It appeared that the figures had again reached an impasse.

However, a closer look on the Shadow King revealed that his body was cracked and disfigured. The cracks on it seemed impossible to be repaired, not even with the king's bloody energy. It might have worked to repair and enhance but the injuries seemed too severe this time.

It was because the damage was caused by Ricky's Massacring Enlightenment. It was meant to be serious and permanent, one that was beyond the Shadow King's power to resist.

On the contrary, there was not a single scratch on Ricky's second level of Ultimate Golden Body. It was the version enhanced by the Massacring Soil. If the Shadow King's attack couldn't even pin Ricky down, there was no hope that it could leave any scars on the golden body.

'Good job. I knew the Massacring Soil wouldn't be a disappointment, ' Ricky thought with satisfaction after he came to a stop. Now his fighting spirit rose up again when he tasted the sweetness of this round's victory.

His golden body could control the Massacring Sand as its weapon now, which meant that Ricky's defense system was able to fight at the same time. This had added to Ricky's outstanding fighting capacity. It would be difficult for any warrior, let alone from the same level as him, to hurt him.

It was true that the Shadow King's strike was powerful and merciless, but he could not break through the defense of the golden body.

Apparently, the Shadow King was well aware of this fact, too. His anger and surprise were all written on his grim face.

The Shadow King's eyes burned with hatred as he wiped a trace of blood from his mouth. He had been confident that he could win, for in terms of strength, Ricky was weaker than him. But the power and toughness of Ricky's golden body were beyond his imagination. The last several rounds of their battle proved that. With the aid of the golden body, Ricky's fighting ability had slightly surpassed his, and this was enough to tip the balance between them. Anxiety and fury crawled under his skin as the Shadow King examined his body. He raged when he realized that it was nearly reduced back to the bloody red steam.

It was then that he truly realized his mistake. He underestimated this spiritual king from the outside world. Now, he realized that he was much stronger than he had expected.

The Shadow King's face darkened. He decided to bring

assacring Soil, and was further surrounded and protected by the Massacring Sand. Despite all these enhancements, the damages caused by the Shadow King were evident.

However, Ricky could hardly care less about the damages on the golden body at present, for he realized that the Shadow King was no where to be found. He activated all of his powers to search for him, but still he didn't feel any sign of the king. His face darkened as a sense of danger welled up inside him.

'Since he was still able to damage my golden body severely, he's probably not dead yet. Worse still, he has enough power to cover his tracks after the fierce collision. My intuition tells me that he is not only alive, but has also become stronger, ' Ricky thought with a heavy heart.

His fear was proven right a few seconds later. He suddenly sensed surges of overwhelming killing intent as they came towards him from three different directions.

"Ah, now this is interesting. I never knew that you are a warrior with a mutant, and of a massacring nature, too. No wonder you were able to withstand my killing strike just now." A cold voice suddenly spoke to Ricky. He heard it right, the voice came from three different directions.

Ricky quickly whipped his head around to look for the enemy. He witnessed the appearance of three Shadow Kings from three different places. They looked exactly the same in terms of appearance, manners and even the level of power they released.

Ricky was not surprised at all, for he had guessed it when he felt that the murderous intent from the enemy had been tripled. He had fought many battles with the Endless Shadow, enough to know much about one of their most powerful skills—the Shadowy Replication.

This was also the Shadow King's biggest ace. He had activated it during the blast, and it had instantly doubled his power.

"I knew you've got this up in your sleeve. The Shadowy Replication is my old friend. Let's see how well you can use this skill," Ricky declared in a calm and stony voice.

Without hesitation, he pushed himself, and the color of his eyes changed. His Golden Spirit Eyes were activated at once.

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