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   Chapter 723 The Bloody Steam

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The four pupils of the deputy leader and the other spiritual kings of Endless Shadow widened in fear when they saw the black whips sweeping towards them. The whips were too fast for them to dodge.

They were so afraid to the extent that they pushed themselves to their limits in order to resist the attacks at the same time.

However, the fight they had put up eventually turned out to be in vain. Under the pressure of the dark water, the five spiritual kings were frozen into ice sculptures in their attack postures.

Now there were six ice sculptures.

And, as the whips swiped again, the sculptures were scattered all over the place, dropping six storage rings which were later meticulously collected by Pearl.

Now Pearl had finished attacking and collecting in a flash. She was currently powerful enough to kill two middle spiritual kings and four lower spiritual kings in mere seconds. It was obvious she had really developed.

Pearl's secret was the fact that she had the dark water as her trump card, and that was what made her so powerful.

Meanwhile, Ricky was fighting intensely with the Shadow King. He couldn't help thinking to himself that the woman was increasingly flourishing at using the dark water, perhaps even more deftly than how he used the Massacring Sand. Indeed, the Feminine Mutant was worthy of its reputation.

Ricky felt extremely lucky to have been protected by the flames and have been aware of her dark water, or else it was highly likely that he would have suffered a great deal when he was fighting with her.

"I'll kill you all! I won't leave anyone alive!" roared the Shadow King as he saw his fellows killed in a mere second. His face was twisted out of rage and anger.

However, instead of grieving their deaths, the Shadow King cared much more about the resources he had spent on cultivating the six fellows, especially the two middle spiritual kings.

And each of them had taken much more than just a massive amount of cultivating resources; talent and luck were also substantially required.

The Shadow King's heart was aching intensely, although he exerted every effort not to show it.

After the six

o figures, the golden body and the scarlet body, crashed violently into each other.

The two giant bodies were like giant fierce beasts, piercing each other and fighting with each other.

The strong and sharp air waves kept cutting into the two figures, leaving no trace of scars on the golden body. As for the scarlet body, it had been cut wide open, but it healed itself immediately.

"Bloody Steam Beast! Now!"

The Shadow King summoned the beast during the collision. Next, a giant red beast appeared from behind the Shadow King. Its sharp claws flapped and its scary mouth made a movement as if it was about to bite Ricky.

The beast was a combination of the most bloodthirsty intent and the most murderous instruction, rendering itself the most powerful move by the Shadow King.

Countless bloody swords sprang out from that beast's scary mouth.

"Omnipotent Skill! Massacring Golden Palms!"

The explosive golden ray penetrated the spreading bloody mist. Suddenly, two palms rose up out of nowhere like the glaring sun, radiating, crushing the void, and then slammed down separately.

Without a moment of hesitation, Ricky instantly used his most powerful Omnipotent Skill.

Ricky spared no effort this time around because he knew that the Shadow King was exerting all his energy into fight. Every collision and every moment could be extremely decisive. It was not just a physical combat, but a fight of nerves too.

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