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   Chapter 722 The Anger Shifted

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The depths of the Shadow Mountains acted as periphery for the Realm of Wildness. It connected to another realm, the land between them like a neutral zone in war. If the battle happened here, even Connor, as a completed spiritual king, wouldn't be able to detect it.

However, Ricky didn't know that Connor didn't care about the details of their battle at all. He truly only cared about whether anyone died in the end.


Up in the air, powerful momentum and murderous intent battled with each other. The zones broke and healed in the span of a single breath. The intensity of their fight caused electricity to buzz in the air.

Ricky and the Shadow King stood glaring at each other. The dark auras they emitted were tightly wound strings, prone to snapping at any moment.

The more he learned about Ricky's capabilities, the more serious Shadow King grew.

"I have to admit that I've underestimated you. Though it might be more appropriate to say that, besides Connor, no one recognized your true power. You are a second-class upper spiritual king," the Shadow King said gravely.

When he was in the land of legacy, Ricky had already made a breakthrough and become a middle spiritual king. At any moment, he could have become an upper spiritual king. But then, the supreme enlightenment wrapped around him like shackles, and he didn't dare demonstrate such a strong power.

Now, he was released from his bindings. No longer suppressed by the supreme enlightenment, he could challenge someone three levels higher than him. He had already made breakthrough and become a second-class middle spiritual king so he could easily defeat anyone of the same level.

"So, I certainly can't let this be a simple one-on-one fight."

"Ha-ha, you didn't plan on following the rules in the first place," Ricky smiled. "Or you wouldn't have brought them with you."

At that moment, power erupted from every direction, with Ricky at the center. The two deputy Shadow Kings and the four lower spiritual kings came and surrounded him.


mpact, the whip split into tendrils of dark water that wrapped around the sword, encasing it in dark ice the next moment.

The ice spread, climbing up from the sword to the deputy leader's grip. It spread further until he was turned into an dark ice sculpture.

It all happened so fast.

Even a genius of Pearl's level wouldn't be able to hold against the power of the dark water without any preparation. A deputy Shadow King never stood a chance.

It deeply shocked the Shadow King and the other five spiritual kings. Fear crept into their hearts. They feared the dark power and they feared Pearl as well.

Being the more experienced fighter, the Shadow King cautioned his subordinates. "Do not clash with her. Retreat immediately."

At the same time, the Shadow King lunged to attack Pearl. His gut told him that if he didn't move now, he would lose his other five subordinates to the ice as well.

However, just as he made his move, Ricky did as well. Ricky used his full power, forcing the Shadow King into a disadvantageous situation.

How could he have known that merely speaking to Pearl would strengthen Ricky's desire to kill him?

Pearl didn't stop either. The dark water absorbed the dark enlightenment. Her weapon split into five dark whips. Ghostly shadows surrounded the whips.

And the whips lashed towards the five spiritual kings.

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