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   Chapter 721 Shadow Mountains

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"He's confident. Maybe it's because he can kill the Shadow King. Or he'll court death because of his arrogance. Either way, it's good news for us," Connor said. "When their conflict results in the death of one of them or both of them, it will be easier for us to get what we want."

"You're right, chief. The struggle between the two of them will greatly save us trouble," Luke said, nodding his head.

"By the way, have you collected the things Mia and Errol left?" asked Connor.

"Please just set your mind at ease, chief. Everything has been collected."

"Great! In three days, go to the base of the Endless Shadow discreetly. They must have finished fighting by then," Connor commanded.

"Yes, chief!"

The location of the Endless Shadow was shrouded in mystery. It was said that nobody in the Realm of Wilderness ever saw it, much less knew where it was located. However, that rumor only applied to warriors below the innate level.

After all, the Endless Shadow was located in a dangerous place. Filled with secret arrays, it was far beyond the reach of their capabilities. Thus, even some lower spiritual kings couldn't find the Endless Shadow.

For Ricky's current level though, petty danger and secret arrays were simple little tricks. They were overrated booby traps that amounted to nothing. With his power, he had no difficulty finding and reaching the base of the Endless Shadow.

Black mountains surrounded the clearing. They loomed over it and overwhelmed the place with dense, dark air. There was no clean ground to walk on. Instead, black muddy swamps littered the area. Where one couldn't find mud, their boots found the rotting corpses of beasts. The smell would assault one's nose even as they tiptoed to avoid stepping on obstacles.

In such an environment, only powerful spiritual kings could perceive the strong killing intent lurking in the place.

It was the kind of killing intent built upon numerous deaths.

With a bird's eye view, the mountains looked as grim as cemeteries.

The spiritual kings in the Realm of Wildness and some other older demi-immortals had a name for this mountain range. They called it the Shadow Mountains. The Endless Shadow was based in the center.

When Ricky arrived, he looked down at the Shadow Mountains that stretched beneath him. He murmured to himself, "This environment seems to match those killers in the Endless Shadow quite well.

Indeed, it looks like a gathering place for killer

he air and tore everything in its path. It dashed towards Ricky with an all-conquering power.

"Only one move? That's ridiculous. Do you think I came here to court death?" Ricky scoffed when he sensed the huge sword coming to stab him in the back.

He didn't even turn around. Instead, he released the first level of Ultimate Golden Body to receive the sword. The light of the sword dimmed as it slipped between his ribs. Then it disappeared, leaving no trace on his golden body.

The Shadow King used no more than eighty percent of his power in that move. That was why his move could be resisted by the first level of Ultimate Golden Body merged with the Massacring Soil.

Without flinching, Ricky continued to go deeper into the mountains. He left the Shadow King and the six other spiritual kings to stare at his receding form in astonishment.

Although the Shadow King activated only eighty percent of his power, not even a first-class upper spiritual king should have been able to resist his attack. However, Ricky resisted it with ease.

"I finally understand why Connor appointed Yori as a leader. He's so powerful. I'm sure he has the power of a second-class upper spiritual king," the Shadow King said in a deep voice after a moment of thought. He realized now that Ricky was not as weak as he expected.

"Perhaps this battle will not be as simple as we think."

"Sir, that being the case, are we going to follow him?" a deputy leader of the Endless Shadow asked.

"Of course we should follow him. Anybody who gets in my way must die!" the Shadow King declared, his voice like ice as he made to follow Ricky's silhouette.

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