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   Chapter 720 A Cheeky Coercion

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"Come on, this is my place and you are my guest, Pearl. Couldn't we use some polite words?" Ricky asked helplessly, torn between laughing and crying.

Although it sounded like Ricky was complaining, he was actually just cozying up to Pearl. After all, he badly needed her help. It was vital for him to get along well with her during this visit.

"Now that you have left the Oriental Realm, could you please let me go? Anyway, I don't think you have to worry about me seeking revenge. No one can defeat an ace genius like you, right?" Pearl answered with more than the usual coldness in her voice. Her face also seemed to take on a sourer expression at Ricky's teasing attempts.

"Well, well. You know I will never let you go, and you know the reason perfectly well, too," Ricky replied with a wicked smile. Currently, bickering had seemed to have drastically shifted into something akin to flirting between the two of them. At least, that was what Ricky thought. He had to admit that he enjoyed the recent development between them very much. "Anyway, let's get back to the point. There's a favor I wanna ask from you." Ricky's tone shifted to a more serious one.

"Ha-ha!" Pearl, however, burst into laughter at his words. This was something she truly didn't expect.

"You can't be serious, genius. Are you foolish enough to think that I will help you?" she sneered.

"Of course, I have already expected that you wouldn't readily agree. I've come with a bargaining chip," Ricky explained with a confident smile.

"Oh, how very interesting," Pearl said dismissively as she stretched her fingers and looked at her nails. She was deliberately showing Ricky that she didn't really care much about whatever it was that he needed from her. In her mind, she was having a mental debate. She really didn't want anything to do with Ricky. Still, there was a nagging voice inside her that wanted to hear out more about Ricky's favor. In the end, despite her irritation, she relented, "Tell me about it then. Let's see what you can offer." Little by little, Pearl's lips began curling up into a smirk.

Seeing that Pearl was intrigued, Ricky paused for a bit longer to build up her excitement more before he finally said, "I bet you already know that there is another powerful zone within me through the chat with Tina, don't you?"

Ricky began. Then, he paused for a minute to gather his thoughts, before he continued, "One more thing, I think you know very well how powerful my zone can be, along with the benefits that you can get from cultivating in it. And so, I assume that my offer has a hundred merits and not a single demerit. Technically, I only need your help for a small task...and that task is to pin down two top-level middle spiritual kings, plus some lower spiritual kings. This is a piece of cake for you, isn't it?" Ricky studied Pearl's reaction as he revealed his favor.

Pearl pondered for a while with a frown, before a smile lit up her face once again. "To tell you the truth, this really sounds like a good bargain for me. I might agree at once had it been someone else who presented this deal to me. Sadly, I can only tell you to keep dreaming, Ricky. Besides, the other zone you were talking about happens to be of the fire nature, and that has nothing to do with my power." Pearl didn't make eye contact with Ricky as she voiced out her decision. Ricky didn't expect Pearl to be the type of woman who would readily refuse him and be so persistent at it.

"Are you playing tricks on me, you foolish woman?" Ricky began exhibiting annoyance in his manner of speaking and facial expression. Narrowing his eyes, he


"But on second thought, I think it is also necessary that you take the Martial Arts Oath on this matter. I fear that my plan would be thwarted if you suddenly decide to take back your words...especially during critical moments."

Pearl fixed a stern and angry look on Ricky in response. She inched closer to him, and now it was as if he had taken a few steps back to extend the distance between them that had only begun to diminish. His actions only continued to fuel Pearl's fire. Nonetheless, she did as he had asked her to, and took the Martial Arts Oath. The oath made her promise to keep her words, no matter what.

"Good!" Ricky nodded in satisfaction. "All is settled now. You see, if you had just nodded your head at the very beginning, we could have saved ourselves from all the trouble and squabble. Our relationship might have even been strengthened." Ricky smiled cheekily and winked at Pearl.

"I will kill you one day, you can be sure of that, you shameless asshole!" Pearl swore as she turned her back towards him, her hair whipping in the air with much sass.

"Ha-ha! I suggest that you don't keep using the word 'shameless' on me, Pearl. Who knows, one day you might fall in love with me. When that day comes, you might make a fool of yourself!" Ricky continued to tease Pearl, completely ignoring her fury. Now that she was willing to help, she could be as angry as she wished, and Ricky would not get irritated anymore.

After his meeting with Pearl, Ricky also dropped by to say goodbye to Connor before he left. His next stop was none other than the base of the Endless Shadow.

"He's gone, sir. Shall we keep watch on his movements?" the deputy leader of the Celestial Army asked while within the premises of their grand palace. He was an upper spiritual king, and he sounded very confident and authoritative.

"There is no need for that. He has reached the level of an upper spiritual king, too. He might blow our cover even if you, yourself carry out the surveillance. Don't worry, I think he's heading for the Endless Shadow to find the Shadow King. Just let him go," Connor answered with assurance.

"What? He can't be serious. Is he too foolish or too confident in himself? There are two top-level middle spiritual kings in that organization. That type of mission can already be likened to a suicide!" the deputy leader scoffed, deliberately expressing his disdain for Ricky.

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