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   Chapter 719 Tackling The Problem Of Endless Shadow

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Connor led the warriors, including Ricky, to the base of Imperial Palace of Wildness as a way of making them feel welcome. As they walked to their destination, he told them of the rules they must obey after they joined the Celestial Army.

Everyone in the Realm of Wildness were discussing the past competition of spiritual kings. In almost all the conversations that involved the said competition, Ricky stood out as the main topic. There, he was already widely known to the public as the spiritual king who appeared out of nowhere and killed two powerful spiritual kings to get a place in the competition.

Despite initially being regarded as an outsider, Ricky instantly became more famous than all the local spiritual kings of the Realm of Wildness.

"As you have now become new members of the Celestial Army, we are all brothers from here forth!" Connor said with a small yet benevolent smile. "Concerning your positions, I've already made some arrangements, though I am not quite sure if you will all be satisfied with the said arrangements."

"Please, go ahead!" The Celestial Army's new members, including Ricky, all nodded in unison.

"Lord of Imperial Palace of Wildness, Shadow King, Chief of Casting Guild, and Scott, the four of you can still stay in your own respective forces," Connor clarified. "You can set your hearts at rest. The Celestial Army will not intervene with your forces' own, personal matters. Neither will we force you to do anything that will go against your forces' codes.

I believe it is plain for everybody to see."

"Thank you so much, Master Connor!" The four were very excited upon hearing the leader's words. After joining the Celestial Army, they were extremely worried that the Celestial Army would take control of their existing forces.

But upon hearing Connor's assurance, they felt like a thorn had been pulled out of their chest. Besides, after the Celestial Army's arrival, they never laid a hand on any of the forces residing within the area, except for the Sky Manor.

"Sure enough, if something urgent comes up and we need your help, I hope that you will not refuse or let us down," Connor added.

"We will definitely help you out when necessary." They all swore sincerely.

"As for Yori, since you don't have your own force in the Realm of Wildness, please stay right here for the moment." Connor motioned for Ricky to stand closer to him.

"I had originally intended to appoint you to the position of vice leader; however, I'm afraid that the old members of the Celestial Army will not be in full support of my decision. For now, I hope you can be contented with simply being one of my regular members. I truly hope you won't feel wronged.

On the other hand, you can also expect things to change in your favor once you showcase your strength and abilities in the future. By then, I'm pretty sure

I'm done setting my goals straight and finally get the time to deal with the Celestial Army.'

After careful consideration, Ricky had finally made up his mind to first focus on tackling the problem of Endless Shadow.

In order to destroy the Endless Shadow, Ricky definitely would be needing the help of some allies. Unfortunately, warriors like Scar, who were outside the Realm of Wildness, couldn't help him at the moment.

'It seems that I can only turn to that woman for help!' Ricky sighed with an uneasy feeling in his heart.

With a defeated and heavy sigh, he closed his eyes, and began trying to initiate a connection to the Devourer Zone residing deep within his mind.

At that moment, Pearl was concentrating on comprehending the Devouring Enlightenment inside the Devourer Zone. To his surprise, Ricky found that Pearl had already made a breakthrough and had become an upper spiritual king.

He was able to overcome his initial surprise and calmed himself down. In all fairness, it was not very strange for Pearl's abilities to have gone that far in such a short span of time. She had already reached the limit of the middle spiritual king back when she was in the land of legacy. After leaving the land of legacy, she had also obtained several opportunities to continue harnessing her power and strength. As such, it had already seemed natural for Pearl to break through successfully.

"Pearl, congratulations! You have already become an upper spiritual king!" Ricky telepathically communicated with Pearl in his mind.

Pearl woke up from her comprehension and opened her eyes upon receiving Ricky's message. Her originally happy face soon turned into a sullen and cold expression.

"What are you here for? Get gabbing or get going!" Pearl said to Ricky callously.

Pearl's words left Ricky speechless. The Devourer Zone was his, yet Pearl was trying to get rid of him in his zone.

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