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   Chapter 718 Joining The Celestial Army

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What had happened just now unnervingly seemed to be more shocking than Mia's death.

Mia was only a lower spiritual king. As such, her cruel fate was already sealed especially in the hands of a middle spiritual king as powerful as Ricky. This was true despite the fact that the latter only used a single move in the entire duration of their battle. Errol, on the other hand, was a second-class middle spiritual king. His strength overpowered that of Mia's. Sadly, his power was not enough to contend against Ricky. He, too, was killed abruptly by Ricky. The difference in their power was made more evident when Errol's physical body broke down into pieces as he perished.

All the warriors who bore witness to the battle felt astonished and dumbfounded.

With their eyes now fixed on Ricky, they now felt very scared at the sight of him. Though they would not admit it, even the spiritual kings had begun to feel the fear creep into their hearts and minds.

They all wondered just how powerful Ricky could be, that he effortlessly killed off a second-class middle spiritual king.

Several of the warriors present during the recent battles thought to themselves, 'Where is this Yori from?' They were extremely curious about Ricky's abilities and true power.

"Chief, he seems to have come here to take revenge on his enemies," the upper spiritual king in the Celestial Army divulged telepathically.

"It doesn't matter where he comes from or if he has come here for revenge. I have been analyzing his strength and based on my deductions, he is an upper spiritual king. This means we don't have to worry about him stirring up too much trouble. If he comes to take revenge on his enemies, just let him kill them. If his presence and his actions are truly making you unhappy, then you may slay him once the contest comes to an end," Connor, the chief of the Celestial Army, replied to the upper spiritual king telepathically too.

"The Ultimate Flushing Wrath seems to be so-so," Ricky openly expressed in a disdainful tone after catching Errol's storage ring that fell from the midair.

Ricky felt more relaxed. He understood that his current mood was the result of having been able to put an end to the resentment he had been carrying. By ending Errol's life, he was able to free himself more from the chains of vengeance and hatred.

'Now, all what's left for me to do is to deal with the Shadow King, ' Ricky thought to himself. 'I must try and kill the Shadow King as soon as possible. Otherwise, the Shadow King may recognize me if I start exhibiting some of my signature moves.'

"Yori, you killed my elder brother. The family of Greenhill will never forgive you. Eliminating you has now become the ultimate and unified mission of each of our family members," a stern voice called out to Ricky and warned him. The grim voice came from Evan, Errol's younger brother. He was also a spiritual king from the family of Greenhill.

"My death is your lifelong mission?" Ricky raised an eyebrow. "All right. Do whatever you like. Since your elder brother attempted to kill me because somebody else paid him for doing that, then he must have done his own research and deduced or anticipated that the possibility of him dying in my hands was huge."

As he spoke, Ricky took a glance at the ol

elepathically after the first deputy Shadow King of the Endless Shadow admitted defeat.

The reason why he asked the question was not because he wanted to call Ricky to account for his killing intent. Instead, he wanted to dig for more information in between Ricky's words. All along, he had sensed a strong familiarity with Ricky.

"As you've said, there is no conflict between us. The only thing standing between us is the fact that I don't like murderers. I think they are a group of immoral people who do nothing but use shady tactics in an effort to outsmart their opponent, get the upper hand and knock their enemies dead when they least expect it. What do you think? Is this motive reasonable enough?" Ricky answered.

"Ha-ha! Yes, that kind of reason will do!" the Shadow King exclaimed in a satisfied and cheery voice. His intent of eliminating Ricky was perfectly concealed under his sunny disposition, even though it was inappropriate for the situation they were in.

"Well then, please be careful. If you end up being killed by dirty murderers like me or any more of our kind, then you would become a joke. You don't want to make a fool out of yourself, now, do you?"

"Please," Ricky chuckled. "Don't worry about me. I will be very careful." Ricky was determined to win.

'What a pity! If only the first deputy Shadow King of the Endless Shadow wasn't so alert and aware, then I would have already killed him by now. After all, he is quite a capable assistant to the Shadow King, ' Ricky thought to himself, regretfully.

"Ha-ha! It appears that the last two positions will be given to the chief of the Casting Guild and Yori," Connor exclaimed happily as he stood up.

"Together with the chief of the Realm of Wildness, the Shadow King and Scott, five friends will join the Celestial Army. Congratulations to all of you!"

Connor declared. He looked at the five new members of his army with gleeful eyes.

All the other warriors couldn't help but stare at the five new members of the Celestial Army enviously. After all, the Celestial Army's status was currently God-like in the Realm of Wildness. To become a member of the Celestial Army was equal to becoming part-God.

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