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   Chapter 717 Settle One More Enemy

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The regenerating palm embodied an enormous strength. It was indeed a power that could kill anyone in just the blink of an eye. It let the space around Ricky directly be torn apart. Ricky could feel that killing sense clearly. He stood in the sky, releasing his massacring power.

He fixed his eyes at Errol in amazement. It made him surprised that Errol had improved a lot. While he was thinking about that, Errol's eyes burned with hatred as he glared at Ricky.

At the next moment, Ricky dodged that powerful attack; then he threw a fiery punch in the direction of Errol's attack. He gave all of his massacring power to his fist, making Errol's regenerating palm to fall apart in an instant.

The golden fist was so quick and fierce that it punched Errol's chest after the regenerating palm fell apart. Errol's eyes widened at this sudden attack.

It was as if it all became a slow-motion for a moment. As Errol felt his body falling down, he saw Ricky standing there with so much composure. His back finally made contact with the ground; then he gawked above. He was certain enough that he would win the battle, but he was wrong. A red-colored liquid gushed out of his mouth.

The warriors around them became silent once again, making the whole area fall into stillness. All of them were gap-mouthed.

What was going on here? The warriors present here could feel that Ricky and Errol surged with exactly the same momentum. But what they could not understand was why the strength gap between them suddenly became so big.

'Does Yori still have hidden strength? Where is his limit on earth?' other spiritual kings thought inwardly.

They had thought that Ricky was just a simple character, but they were all shocked when he had joined the battle. Only until then did they realize that they were totally wrong.

Ricky stared at his hand, clenching it. 'I shall control my power well. I have almost killed him with my enormous power just now, ' Ricky thought in surprise. That was because even Ricky himself did not expect that this scene would happen.

Truth to be told, he was really going to take it slow for a moment before releasing his real power to Errol. That was the real plan of Ricky, but things didn't work according to his plans. He didn't even expect the power that he had showcased a while ago.

That would be bad if Errol threw in the towel directly right away.

"Connor, he have shown great power in front of us. He is truly a powe

vitality palm.

So, this palm now was consist of half withered power and half vitality power. That was why this attack was called the Withered Vitality Palm. After suffering this attack, Ricky just felt himself hovering between life and death. It was a terrible torture.

If a creature was hovering between life and death again and again, neither his body nor his spirit could bear this feeling at all.

"It was indeed an enormous attack. If I were in the same level with him, I would have to use all my might. However, I am not," Ricky sighed again when he felt the power of Errol's attack.

Unfortunately, his attack was too far from being enough for Ricky right now.

"I am truly afraid, I need to send you to hell with my attack," Ricky said in a monotone while giving him a sympathetic look.

Then, in the midst of Massacring Enlightenment, a Massacring Golden Palm smacked hard against the Withered Vitality Palm.

Boom! Boom! The next moment, there was only a loud roar. Everyone thought that the two palms would cause a fierce confrontation, but everything was so destructive and so unexpected.

Under the power of Massacring Golden Palm, the Withered Vitality Palm could not even hold on for a second and then it just collapsed. Then the power of the Massacring Golden Palm flooded Errol immediately.

Then, Errol didn't even have time to scream. He and the space were bathed in golden light. In the void, one could only see a few drops of blood and a storage ring.

Before anyone realized what was going on here, Errol had already been in tatters.

Then the whole space fell into silence again, dead silence.

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