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   Chapter 716 Meeting Errol Again

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 9607

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It was an old man wearing white clothes. Fury could be seen from the serious look on his face. It seemed that he had tried hard but restrained himself from launching an attack to kill Ricky.

Now behind the old man stood two spiritual kings. One was Alexander, who had helped Ricky when he had been in the Casting Guild, and the other was another old man in black clothes. The old man in black clothes looked even more furious than the old man in white clothes.

It was more than obvious to ascertain that the old man in white was the chief of the Casting Guild located in the Earth Fire Land. The way he held himself said it all.

It was highly likely that the chief of the Casting Guild did not care about Mia that much. But Mia was a member of the Casting Guild—his organization after all. Mia's death at Ricky's hands brought nothing but shame to the Casting Guild. The chief could hardly bear it.

"You are challenging the Casting Guild young man," the old man in black said coldly with a serious look on his face.

"Sir, I told her clearly that I would kill her with just one strike. But she did not believe me and started the fight. There was nothing I could do but join the fight. It was self-defense," Ricky said, in explanation.

"It was obvious that she was determined to kill me. I couldn't just wait for her to strike me. I'm not a fool."

"You are now asking for trouble, young man! In the history of the Casting Guild, no one has ever been bullied like this," the old man in black roared with rage. Ricky's explanation irritated him even more.

Then, he channeled his power and launched his energy, ready to hurl a strike against Ricky at any moment.

"My friend from the Casting Guild, please, I urge you to stop it. May I have a word with you? We are now in a competition so please don't interrupt the competition. No matter what happened between you, you can talk about it or fight personally amongst yourselves after the competition is over instead of doing it here right now," Connor, the leader of the Celestial Army, said to interrupt both of them at that point in time.

His voice was flat yet quite definitive.

The face of the old man in black grew darker when he heard those words. He continued, "Is it righteous to kill somebody here?"

"Killing someone without a righteous reason is not right. That is true. You are right. But this is a competition and I don't remember any rule existing that says that killing is not permitted," Connor replied, trying to calm the old man in black.

'I was right! The Celestial Army values strength and ability the most. Probably most people did not notice how powerful I was just now. However, he is the leader of the Celestial Army! He must have noticed it! I am sure of it!' Ricky reflected when he heard Connor seemingly support him.

The old man in black realized that he was unable

l told Ricky telepathically.

"Oh? Is that so? Why? Now I'm confused," Ricky asked as he was puzzled upon hearing Errol's message.

"It is because I think it is worthwhile to kill you if I can get two inferior-stage spiritual weapons. You see it's nothing personal," Errol replied during the fight.

"Oh, I see, now I get it," Ricky responded. It all made sense now.

Naturally, Ricky quickly figured out that the old man in black from the Casting Guild must have made some kind of nasty deal with Errol. As he expected, Ricky noticed from the corner of his eye that the old man in black was staring at him with a serious look on his face as if he was plotting something.

However, it did not bother Ricky in anyway. Errol's claim that he would kill Ricky was something that Ricky wanted as well. Furthermore, he was also expecting a fight against Errol and was determined to end Errol's life.

"Well, well, if my guess is right, you have been bribed by two inferior-stage spiritual weapons. But I must say that I hold you in contempt because you are so easily manipulated by other people with just two inferior-stage spiritual weapons. Come on now, you are a middle spiritual king, so act like a man! Please have a little bit more respect for yourself. I now understand why you will never be able to accomplish greater achievements. You are too narrow-minded that you will never be able to see the greater opportunities outside the Realm of Wildness," Ricky commented in a derisive tone of voice.

"You are being too talkative young man. I'm now even more determined to kill you for good. You are going to die very soon at my hands," Errol replied with an angry look on his face upon hearing Ricky's derision.

He immediately employed his internal strength, and in the blink of an eye, he had already appeared in front of Ricky. Meanwhile, he extended a palm in order to forcefully strike Ricky.

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