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   Chapter 715 Killing In One Move To End Resentment

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7004

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"Haha, buddy! You're wise to make that decision," Connor said smilingly. Simultaneously, he withdrew his oppressive force from Ricky.

None of the other spiritual kings was surprised to see what was happening. They believed that Ricky would not be able to leave.

'So, that's his strategy. It seems that Master Ricky also wants to join the Celestial Army. I wonder if he has the strength to beat so many spiritual kings in order to earn one of the remaining two positions, ' Scott thought to himself. He was somewhat worried about Ricky.

He telepathically told his two companions to respect Ricky. He made sure that if they confronted Ricky in the following battles and found that Ricky had similar strength as them, they would accept defeat gracefully.

Of course, his companions agreed with him.

"Everybody, now you have one more competitor coming up. I hope you will fight for the last two positions with all your real strength. I wish you all the very best. You will never feel disappointed in the Celestial Army," Connor exclaimed with a smile on his face.

Soon after, he divided the spiritual kings that took part in the contest into groups. Every two of them made a group, and they would have to fight against each other.

Immediately, the battles between spiritual kings started. Ten spiritual kings would beat their competitors and win the first round of competition.

Certainly, the warriors enjoyed the battles between spiritual kings very much, especially the demi-immortal warriors. They could learn tremendously from these battles in order to make a breakthrough and become spiritual kings.

Ricky was in the fourth group to fight. His competitor was no stranger. That was Mia, one of his old enemies.

'It seems true that one cannot avoid his enemy!' Ricky thought to himself. At the same time, a killing intent arose in his heart. He decided that he would kill Mia, right here.

The consequence of this would be in the hands of the Celestial Army.

Now that the Celestial Army was going to select the top five competitors, everyone knew that they wanted to

ed. They could not believe their eyes. Nobody uttered a word.

Meanwhile, the surrounding warriors were all dumbfounded. They just stared with a dull look in their eyes.

'Wow! He really used only one move!' Scott sighed silently with affirming emotions.

As an upper spiritual king, he was able to see clearly how Ricky launched the attack, acting as fast as he could.

'Who the hell is he?' the Shadow King thought to himself.

By then, Connor had overcome his astonishment. He had clearly failed to keep his composure at the result of this battle.

"How could a spiritual king be killed in one move? Isn't a spiritual king supposed to be very strong?" the surrounding warriors talked vehemently with panic in their eyes.

Maybe, they had never seen the death of a spiritual king. Mia was killed so abruptly that they became scared.

"I told you that I would kill you in one move, but you didn't give up. So, you deserve this," Ricky said indifferently, looking at Mia's dead body.

He never had compassion for Mia. He knew she would have killed him in the past, if he hadn't been rescued by Elder Alex and Zenith.

In that moment, Ricky felt somewhat relieved to have one less enemy.

"You acted too relentlessly, buddy. It's just a contest. You didn't need to kill your competitor. You better have an explanation for this," a cold and stern voice suddenly came through.

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