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   Chapter 714 Participation

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"The law of the martial world is just as cruel as the law of the jungle. We, the Celestial Army, have an eye on the Realm of Wildness, and we will rule this place. So everyone, please accept it and don't be bitter about it," said Connor.

"You don't need to worry about it. The world is cruel and this is how it should be. Besides, you haven't taken anything from us and have given us a fair and valuable chance to join the Celestial Army. We really appreciate it," the spiritual kings in the Realm of Wildness answered, on hearing the words of Connor.

Of course, this was just a farce and came nowhere close to what they actually thought. What they strongly wished was that the Celestial Army would leave as soon as possible. Who would like to be suppressed by someone else all the time?

They were really confused. This Celestial Army did not take any cultivation resources, nor did they force them into following commands. So, what the hell were they doing in this barren Realm of Wildness?

They were curious about a lot of things but did not dare to ask. The only reason why they came to participate in the competition was that the Celestial Army was far stronger than they were.

However, it was true that some of them actually wanted to be a part of the Celestial Army. Only in this way, they could have a chance to know what the Celestial Army was really up to.

"Ha-ha, if all of you are willing to participate, then let the competition begin now." Connor looked delighted as he announced the competition open.

"The chief of the Imperial Palace of Wildness, Shadow King, and Scott, the three of you are all upper spiritual kings. Hence, you can straight away become members of our Celestial Army," said Connor.

"There are only two positions vacant that the rest of you shall compete for."

The spiritual kings had no disagreements over what Connor said. Everybody knew that the three of them were the strongest among them.

"Of course we all agree." Those spiritual kings nodded.

"The spiritual king that I am familiar w

when I saw that people were gathered here, I hid my momentum to come here. If I'm not welcomed, I will leave right now."

"Another spiritual king. Where is he from?" Many questions and discussions about Ricky ran through the warriors.

Ricky was about to leave as he finished speaking.

"Please wait a moment." However, Connor stopped Ricky. "My friend, where are you from?"

"I am a wandering spiritual king. I've got no place to live, so I'm just wander around here in the realms, hoping to find some opportunities," Ricky answered.

"Is that so?" Connor said politely. "If that's the case, would you like to participate in this competition of spiritual kings in this Realm of Wildness? Currently, we still have two positions vacant in the Celestial Army which will be filled by the winners of the competition."

"I am a lazy one, so I'll pass." Ricky shook his head in refusal.

"This competition is also an opportunity. It won't cost you anything if you participate," Connor said and then he gave a meaningful smile. Immediately, the momentum of a completed spiritual king came crushingly on Ricky.

Ricky felt the immense pressure crumbling him.

Obviously, Connor had resorted to threaten Ricky.

Sensing the pressure, Ricky pretended to be afraid and he said, "You are right. This competition is also an opportunity, so I'll try my luck."

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