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   Chapter 713 Head Of The Celestial Army

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"The level above the innate spiritual sage is the innate spiritual potentate," Alva said, despite Ricky's and Soar's shocked faces. "And, above the innate spiritual potentate is the holy being.

The holy beings live on the Celestial Land. Their lives are as long as heaven and earth, if you can imagine that."

"Their lives are as long as heaven and earth? Their powers are beyond our imagination!" Ricky and Soar sighed as the mystery deepened.

"But a few eras before that, the Celestial Land was gone, as was the holy beings. They've never ever been heard of since then. Most continent creatures nowadays have forgotten what the Celestial Land and the holy beings are.

Soon after the holy beings were gone, the spiritual potentates on the four continents gradually disappeared as well. The spiritual energy on the four continents dropped so severely that no spiritual potentate appeared ever since then. And it has been that way ever since.

The spiritual energy dropped at the end of each era, and if my guess is not wrong, a few eras later, there won't be any spiritual sage on the continents anymore."

"How come?" "Nobody knows for sure, but several powerful people stressed that it might have something to do with the Celestial Land which has disappeared. But it is still a guess, not an absolute fact."

"An era usually lasts for more than 200 million years, which is way too long for us to care. It almost means forever. One cannot even imagine how long that is," Ricky said in a firm tone.

"As for the cause of the missing Celestial Land and the dropping spiritual energy, we're still unaware of the cause, and there's really no need for us to guess now. But just get to the point, what's the relationship between the Celestial Army and the Celestial Land?"

Now that Alva brought up the subject of the Celestial Land, then it must have something to do with the Celestial Army. Otherwise why would he talk about them together?

"In the previous era, when the war between the continent creatures and the devils was at a stalemate, they almost had the same number of powerhouses," Alva then continued. "Just at that time, a group of powerful warriors showed up amongst the devils. They called themselves 'the Celestial Army'. Their intervention then broke the stalemate, and the continent creatures were soon about to lose the war.

On the other hand, just

was also here.

Even Elder Alex was here, who had helped Ricky before.

Ricky was rather familiar with the Shadow King of the Endless Shadow in the Realm of Wildness who was his biggest enemy.

The three followers of Scar were Larson, Saul, and Scott. They all used sabers as their weapons.

Scott was the head of the three, and he was also an upper spiritual king, while Saul and Larson were two middle spiritual kings.

Meanwhile, all the spiritual kings gathered in the palace, floating silently, waiting anxiously for the Celestial Army to finally come.

Soon, black figures appeared up in the air. There were eighteen people up there in total. It was getting tense.

They were all were dressed in black from head to toe, except for the one in the middle whose face was uncovered. The scene was chilling.

Indeed, they looked like the assassinators of the Endless Shadow.

The presence of the Celestial Army caught the eyes of all the people. The spiritual kings were rather tentative.

They were actually obviously awe-stricken and fearful, or they wouldn't have yielded the Realm of Wildness to the Celestial Army and attended to their call.

The man in black who was surrounded by the others became the center of people's attention. It was clear that he was the head of the Celestial Army, Connor.

Clearly, he couldn't wait to sit on the cloud seat prepared for him.

The others then stood in orderly rows on both sides.

"Thank you all for coming to the competition this time. It will be a competition to remember," noted Connor with great confidence.

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