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   Chapter 712 The Celestial Army

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"Scar, do you happen to know about the Celestial Army?" Ricky asked as he believed that Scar had more experience and knowledge than him.

"I'm sorry, Ricky. I have no idea what this so-called Celestial Army is," Scar said, shaking his head. "But, as far as I know, there isn't any Celestial Army among the powerful forces."

"Tina, have you ever heard of it?" Ricky then turned to ask Tina.

"I haven't either," Tina answered in negative, shaking her head as well.

But another fact was that both Henry and Scar were quite curious about Tina. That was because even though Tina was only a demi-immortal, Ricky seemed to treat her very politely. The regard that he showed towards her was as if he didn't view her as his lover but as another warrior at the same level.

Besides, Ricky always turned to Tina in the end when all his options fell apart and he had a question. He truly believed that Tina was always able to give him the best answer.

However, Ricky didn't introduce Tina to them properly at his own accord, so neither Henry nor Scar felt comfortable to inquire about her information.

'It seems that there is no such force in the Middle Land, ' Ricky wondered to himself. 'Or maybe it is a newly-established force, which is why Tina has never heard of it.'

"Ricky, we don't need to care about the Celestial Army. The Realm of Wildness is our territory. Now that they have come here, they are invading our territory. We have no option but to fight and beat them," Soar declared resolutely in a firm voice.

"You're still so reckless, Soar. We know nothing about the Celestial Army, and with such ignorance, it seems that we can't beat them without losses of our own. That being the case, how can we begin fighting against them right now?" Ricky reasoned with him.

Realizing that his proposal was denied by Ricky relentlessly, Soar pursed his lips in a grimace.

"Henry, tell us something else about them," Ricky then said to Henry.

"Actually, there are not many members in the Celestial Army. According to Scar's attendants, the whole army included just one completed spiritual king, two upper spiritual kings, five middle spiritual kings and about ten lower spiritual kings," Henry answered.

"Not many? Henry, there are eighteen spiritual kings! How can you say there are not many?" Soar exclaimed in surprise as soon as Henry finished speaking.

Not only Soar but Ricky and Scar also fixed their eyes on Henry speechless

well, saying that Alva knew something about the Celestial Army and wanted to tell him.

In the Chaotic Fire Zone, Alva emerged out of Soar's body.

"Alva, do you know the Celestial Army?" Ricky asked, looking forward to hearing some good news.

"Yes, I do. But I'm not sure if the Celestial Army I know has anything to do with the Celestial Army here because it seems that there is a big gap between the two. The weakest members of the Celestial Army I know are spiritual emperors, while the stronger members could dominate a whole continent. I believe. They are totally different from the Celestial Army here," Alva answered.

"What? The weakest members of the Celestial Army are spiritual emperors?" Ricky asked in disbelief. Soar was also greatly surprised to hear what Alva had said.

It took some time for Soar and Ricky to calm themselves down.

"Alva, please tell us what the Celestial Army you know is like," Ricky prodded, curious to know more.

"Master Ricky, there are four continents in the world—Pure East, Bleak West, Misty South and Vast North. And we're in the continent of Misty South," Alva explained.

"I learned this from the archives in Oriental College," Ricky said, nodding his head, gesturing to Alva to go on.

"In fact, in addition to the four continents, there is another region in the universe that we live in. That place is called the Celestial Land, where the holy beings live," Alva continued.

"What? The Celestial Land? Holy beings?!" Ricky and Soar repeated the key words in Alva's explanation in unison. They were dumbstruck. They simply could not believe what they had just heard.

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