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   Chapter 711 The Return Trip

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After talking to Scar, Ricky woke straight out of his status of cultivation. Next, he went on to unseal the Devourer Zone to lead Tina out.

Ricky had already discovered the drastic change that Pearl had undergone. She even smiled at Tina and seemed to have shared a number of good conversations with her, as if they had become a pair of good friends.

However, after detecting that Ricky unsealed the Devourer Zone, Pearl suddenly reverted to her cold and uncaring demeanor.

"Tina, some changes have taken place within the Realm of Wildness. Here's what I have to do next: I must go back there for once, and so I'll need your airship to help me get there fast," Ricky requested directly, knowing fair and well that hesitating even for just a little bit would be a waste of time.

Although Scar, a completed spiritual king, was present and available to help Ricky out, Tina's airship was definitely much faster.

"There have definitely been changes taking place in the Realm of Wildness. What are these changes exactly?" Tina asked worriedly after she heard Ricky's words. She knew that the people in the Realm of Wildness were of high importance to Ricky. He cared about them a great deal.

"Let's talk as we go. I need to talk to the dean before I leave. I'll also be needing some help," Ricky explained.

"Pearl, do you prefer to stay in the Devourer Zone? Or would you rather step out?" Ricky asked Pearl shortly after elaborating on his concerns.

"I have already told you before, haven't I? Every time I see you, I have the strong urge to kill you," Pearl replied coldly to Ricky.

"Alright, I got it," Ricky said helplessly, not really wanting to put up a fight with Pearl.

Ricky could clearly feel that although Pearl answered his question in a grouchy manner, she was not as detached and cold as she was to him in the past. There was no doubt that the long chat Pearl had with Tina had made a positive difference to her.

'Wait! Is Pearl just pretending to be nice to Tina?' Ricky wondered to himself.

Although he had been expecting a change in Pearl's attitude, Ricky didn't really dare to believe that the change would happen so soon.

'Maybe Pearl is just pretending to be nice to us and in the midst of her pretensions, she is simply looking for a chance to leave.'

But Ricky didn't think twice anymore. Right now, his priority was to return to the Realm of Wildness.

Soon, Ricky found both the Oriental Emperor and the Evil Emperor. He approached them and divulged the current dilemma that the Realm of Wildness was currently facing.

"The Realm of Wildness is your hometown. Now that something bad has happened there, whet

e they really are just looking for something here," Scar nodded thoughtfully.

"Let's wait until Henry comes back. Let's hope that he has gathered more than enough useful information during his trip. By the time he comes back, we can probably start figuring everything out," Ricky said.

"Scar, can the completed spiritual kings here feel your presence?" Ricky asked.

"As soon as I got here, I hid my aura very carefully. Only spiritual emperors can notice my existence," Scar reassured his friend.

"That would be great. We'd better not give away our whereabouts until we have any viable news and information about the situation," Ricky nodded. It would take them time, but it was a much safer and practical move. Had they opted to move about without any accurate idea of what was going on, then that could jeopardize their safety and their objective.

And so they sat around and waited for Henry to come back.

It took Henry four days before he finally returned.

"How did it go, Henry? What's going on? Did you figure anything out? Have you got any useful information?" Ricky and the others asked eagerly as soon as Henry came back.

Henry heaved a deep breath. "I did find out something." Henry's voice was solid and serious.

"What did you find out? Where did the strong entities come from and why did they come here? What is their purpose?" Ricky asked relentlessly, not wanting to waste a single second. Four days was more than enough time to wait.

"I don't know where exactly they came from, but the powerful warriors who appeared here out of nowhere call themselves the Celestial Army," Henry revealed.

"Celestial Army!" Ricky and his companions gasped in unison. They were surely expecting news, but Henry's revelation caught them off guard.

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